Some #bitcoin stats 

* 18.1M btc mined so far

* Blockchain has about 38.6M tx with 65.2M utxo, 3.6 GB size on disk. 258 GB, unpruned (494M tx)

* Mempool is almost cleared periodically, has max 6k tx, total size 2 MB

* Accepted tx average for the day is 3.52 tx/second. Rejected, 0.57 tx/s

* Average spent, 10 btc/sec (~ $90,000)

* Average Fee 6585 sats/tx, or 19 sats/byte

* Average received data 13 kbps, sent 135 kbps

Some #bitcoin stats 

@v0 where did you pull the accepted/rejected tx/s numbers from?

@v0 ah gotcha. I was going to ask if you had a breakdown of the nature of rejected transactions (eg invalid vs nonstandard)

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