2100 sats = ¢78.35
21m btc = $783.5 billion

2100 sats = ¢82.44
21m btc = $824.4 billion

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Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 was released today and includes:
- Descriptor wallets
- Compact block filters over P2P network
- Fewer rebroadcast attempts
- Tor V3 support
- Schnorr/Taproot code

Who better than @AaronvanW to explain this in plain English? 👏


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2100 sats = ¢78.39
21m btc = $783.9 billion

2100 sats = ¢68.21
21m btc = $682.1 billion

More than 75% USD exists now, printed after was created.

In other words, USD supply has increased 306% since 03/Jan/2009.

One trillionth of all btc.. ¢54⁶¹

PPT - parts per trillion

An for , as good as car fart, or better.

Tesla should do an pow altcoin.. Poopcoin.. like, air miles. Drive 1 mile to get 1 Poopcoin.

sats per ₹1..


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#idea.. #bitcoin RBF with auto fee increment rate

Example tx;
Pay 1000 sats as fee, transfer rest to address 1abcd*.. to go in block-n, otherwise increase fee 2 sats/block


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Which of these journeys will be the most important one, for ?

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When will tx fee become greater than block reward?

discount sale.. 9.35% down from recent high $9200.

I think (2) will be delayed and timed to dump btc and crash prices at $100k levels or more. That's when it gets max leverage.

Also note, (2) isn't profit booking. People who book profit max $$ for their btc. People dump btc has different goal; crash btc prices (maybe to buy btc cheaper, or not).

Also, (2) isn't easy because btc crash also means alts to btc inflow.

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The Kindest Cut: Why the 2020 Bitcoin Halvening Is the Most Important Yet | Bitcoin Magazine

Post 2020-halving inflation will become 1.9%. now whatever money is flowing in to sustain $8k price, it would easily become a support level of $16k ++ (1) whatever new btc not coming to market -- (2) whatever old btc coming to market.

>It took 42,000 lines of code to disrupt the banking industry

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