Didn't make it out to the ranch today and I'm so curious if that cow have birth

We all know that something along these lines probably exists in our future. Do your prep now and make sure your rebuttals are swift and concise when/if they are required.

Cows were all lined up for me yesterday 🤠

I buried a feeding trough with more Chaffhaye in a giant 5 or 6 foot tall thorn patch, forcing them to make paths into it thus further cleaning up this brush area as I restore it to quality pasture again

it's very clear that political elites in this country are completely spineless, rolling over to contrived narratives (especially re parler) with no resistance. it's time for some new counter elites to emerge, that aren't so fucking afraid to stick up for themselves. bitcoiners need to rise up and assume power.

How do we make those recommend Bitcoin mastodon links?

Bitcoin Mastodon

Bitcoin Maston Instance