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@mir_btc bitcoiners don’t need to work, they have nocoiners working for them

We'll have a reckless-VR meetup in VRChat today at 1900 UTC (no speaker this week it seems but just meetup). Good chance to meet bitcoiners from around the world. Telegram group t.me/VRbitcoin .

If you bother @udiWertheimer and the rest of us on telegram it may help (since you need to find the world in vrchat to join).

(VRChat works on PC even without VR headset, obviously more limited though).


Gigachad Saylor on “The Classic Bitcoiner Response”...

Are you a classic bitcoiner too? Join HaveFunStayingPoor.com!

Have a feeling Austin bitdevs next Thurs is going to be lit. Rumors that out of town guests like @sahil @martybent @americanhodl will be there, @Brittkelly still holding out but everyone is going to be there. Use it as an excuse to come look at houses! Texas is going to have more bitcoin than any other citadel, come one, come all meetup.com/Austin-Bitcoin-Deve

This is fucking great!
I just started this "strategy" of HFSP with nocoiners.
already convinced 10 nocoiners, just by telling them "have fun staying poor" !

@evanlinjin @BitcoinMemeHub got a no liner concern trolling about how bitcoin won’t work? Tell him to have fun staying poor

You failed your friends.

Instead of giving them mental ammunition for buying the dip, you gave them lectures and excuses.

Be a better friend. Read my full post: t.me/HaveFunStayingPoor/32

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I’m going to publish a blog post about buying dips and being a good friend.

I think you’ll like it. Join HaveFunStayingPoor.com now, if you want to be first to read it!

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