You failed your friends.

Instead of giving them mental ammunition for buying the dip, you gave them lectures and excuses.

Be a better friend. Read my full post:

🔁and please boost this toot! Together we will build stronger hands 💪

@udiWertheimer I will be forthright with my friends from now on. Thanks Udi.

@udiWertheimer at least you can get kyc free sats when they sell to you in panic

@udiWertheimer Nah Udi, my friends are already beyond salvation. I'm tired if they've not learned already.

However, I have my kids to save: my son came today from school telling he's sorry for the crash.

I simply told: this mere a scratch, don't worry.


> You failed your friends.

Sorry Udi I shouldn't have kept urging you to buy Tron in VRChat, I just couldn't help it.

@udiWertheimer boosted so I can have more fun not staying poor thanks to my support network of people telling people to have fun staying poor

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