I’m going to publish a blog post about buying dips and being a good friend.

I think you’ll like it. Join now, if you want to be first to read it!

🔁And please boost this toot for awareness 🙏

This is fucking great!
I just started this "strategy" of HFSP with nocoiners.
already convinced 10 nocoiners, just by telling them "have fun staying poor" !

@DarthCoin @udiWertheimer Yup, I am gonna use the "What's your US dollar exit strategy?" question. I can see it working so well!

@bitcoinpasada @udiWertheimer
No BS, initially I did it to make fun of nocoiners, strange people on telegram...
After a while they came back to me asking more. Those that ask more, I will help them with all my heart to get into Bitcoin.
It's working this magic HFSP!

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