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This is a project worthy of sponsorship. How hard is it to make this into a complete game?
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Fud Fighter ™

@raucao @lizard why does the activation begin in November when it locked in June?

@Full_node good stuff. But I believe they said 3 btc buys you permanent residency, not citizenship.

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$1M/BTC is sat-cent parity e.g. 1c/sat
$100k/BTC is 0.1c/sat
$34k/BTC is 0.034c/sat

@pedromvpg are there a lot of them at the conference?

@ryanjordan the 90s and early 2000s were a fun hybrid of new internet tech coming out, freedom, and privacy before the state caught up to mass surveillance tools. I can remember uploading/downloading music and just chatting with people using MIRC and a 33.6k dial up modem. Other members of my family would pick up the house phone and disconnect the internet connection 😂😡. Unthinkable today

@Full_node doesn’t it take a few days to get all their crap upgraded!

@ck_SNARKs so did the cop get strangled to death or did he/she get up because I couldn’t tell. Also, if a bystander is going to help, USE BOTH HANDS for crying out loud.

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How do you tell the difference between a fully vaccinated person and an unvaccinated person if they aren't wearing a mask?

Ask them who won the election.

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Not gonna lie, this Elon shit has energized me. We needed a new bad guy in the space and Musk has become top of the list for me. It's Bitcoin & the cyber hornets versus the richest man in the world and his army of DOGE plebs.

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