Listening to the latest episode of Darknet Diaries... kid trying to sell himself and his skills says he learned "assembly language" and "code languages" in a week -- unlike graduates of those lame web-dev boot camps. Every episode of this show feels like first year industry folk bragging about their alleged exploits fresh off another viewing of "Hackers". I'm still listening, though, so dunno what that says about me.

Mimblewimble, even today, is still wildly underrated technology. I don't get it.

I wish there was a cross platform alternative to Google/Apple/Samsung pay that incorporated wallets + mobile pay both...

Anyone have experience working with higher end Chromebooks? What's the experience like vs similar hardware + desktop linux?

Hopefully, we're witnessing the reversal of precedent where communities compete for the privilege of being fucked by corporations.

Meetups apps and website are pretty fucking terrible -- a problem compounded by the fact that the service is de facto. is probably the single most important online resource in my life apart from Wikipedia. Absolutely invaluable.

I have started a Meetup here in NYC for those interested in crypto-anarchy, anarcho-syndicalism, privacy, decentralized systems, and cryptography. If you, too, are interested in the convergence of these things and the future to be shaped as a result, I'd like to talk with you!

The Keybase client includes a Stellar (XLM) wallet now... soooo awesome.

Chris Dixon listing augmented reality as a 'weak technology' couldn't be anymore of a 'foot in mouth' statement. How incredibly near-sighted.

Considering next years Google Code Jam... not sure if I should subject my ego the inevitable slaughter to be had at the hands of super smart teenagers, tho.

Facebook has become the worlds largest house of cards; the company feels so incredibly brittle these days.

Daily morning ritual: 1) Make coffee 2) Check news stories 3) Check email 4) Install daily Telegram update

Let the internet identity purge begin. First down: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Medium.

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