@tracyspacy @verretor I run everything on my own hardware. Servers are colocated in a secure data center.

@melik @verretor sophisticated approach! what is its max capacity?

@tracyspacy @verretor Hah, yeah I don't trust cloud providers. Not your hardware, not your data.

No idea, but I imagine a lot. It's the only VM running on this box.

@tracyspacy @verretor I'm not openly advertising, but you're more than welcome. :-)

If I ever decide to shut it down, I will provide ample notice.

@melik @tracyspacy You could also close signups like NVK did. I think he should have done it earlier if he wanted his instance to stay small.

@melik @tracyspacy You're right. I used to pay ~$300 per year for a VPS. It was a low spec computer that wasn't even mine.

@verretor @tracyspacy buy a used server from eBay for like $200-300, install proxmox, colocate it at a data center for $80-100/month.

24 cores, 128 GB RAM, tons of disk space. Install tons of VMs, much more cost effective than shitty cloud instances.

@verretor @melik technically you can use tunneling services like ngrok to make website hosted on your machine available on internet :)

@tracyspacy @melik I think the real good option is Nostr. It solves a lot of the problems of the Fediverse. Technically, it could be added to Mastodon/Pleroma so we'd have a smooth transition.

@kimisan @verretor @melik @tracyspacy corporation control things here mostly. We are sold an internet service with limited capability. Usually locked down in the firmware of the the modems provided. Some don't even let you change your dns...

@kimisan @verretor @melik @tracyspacy oh, no problem right, just purchase your own modem, right? Wrong, they will flash it with their own firmware. Motorola won't give out firmware to 'civilians'. Quoted from my support call.

@kimisan @verretor @melik @tracyspacy since the internet bill we have had fiber run all over rural area though with much better smaller companies running them. Gigabit fiber very cheap. The big cities aren't like that.

@kimisan @verretor @melik @tracyspacy

Many ISPs want nothing to do with self-hosting of websites, ftp, etc.

This is a holdover from the early 2000s when we were all running all-night warez dumps from our shitty Win2K PCs
@verretor @tracyspacy @melik @kimisan

I have a troubled relationship with nostalgia.

Yes, I have good memories.

No... the bandwidth now is better, and piracy is easier.

I think we're all going to be using end-to-end encrypted private apps, like an upgrade DC++, in the future.

@melik @tracyspacy @verretor Mel, what are the specs on your hardware and how many active users do you have right now? I have a bare metal server being provisioned now to host a Mastodon instance. Just want to make sure it is right sized to start. Been reading on scale out. Will require DC to carve out a VLAN.

@Clashicly @tracyspacy @verretor

Instead of installing it on a bare metal - set up Proxmox which you can then use to spin up containers or VMs. It's a great Linux distribution for virtualization.

Mine is 8 cores + 16GiB RAM for now, I can scale up later if needed.

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