Bitcoin is a tech that is based on pure math and cryptography, it is decentralized and controlled by no one. Bitcoin unlike legacy finance cannot apply any form of discrimination or segregation to anyone.
So what is the real reason behind attempts to block bitcoinhackers from freedom-oriented fediverse? Where the spirit of bitcoin differs from the spirit of fediverse?
Being devided and disconnected we only play right into centralized platforms hands.

@verretor what have caused this attempts to block bitcoinhackers? What exactly they need us to fix?

@tracyspacy They just don't like us. Users and instances can block other users and instances.

@verretor @tracyspacy I noticed that freedom is more valuable for bitcoiners than feeling safely. Free people worry those who want to feel safe. You never know what free person will do.


@tadeusz @verretor what can we do to make people feel safely on this instance?

@tracyspacy @verretor I think that open discussion requires participants to be open to challenge their views. Mabey the progress is not becouse people feel safe. (feeling safe != being safe)
I think that "code of conflict" that was in Linux made it so solid and well written, that now this is the system on almost all supercomputers, routers and mission-critical devices. We don't need to feel safe, we need freedom.

@tadeusz @tracyspacy This is how it often happens when I do pull requests. The best projects are the ones where pull requests don't get merged too easily.

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