Bitcoin is a tech that is based on pure math and cryptography, it is decentralized and controlled by no one. Bitcoin unlike legacy finance cannot apply any form of discrimination or segregation to anyone.
So what is the real reason behind attempts to block bitcoinhackers from freedom-oriented fediverse? Where the spirit of bitcoin differs from the spirit of fediverse?
Being devided and disconnected we only play right into centralized platforms hands.

@verretor what have caused this attempts to block bitcoinhackers? What exactly they need us to fix?

@tracyspacy They just don't like us. Users and instances can block other users and instances.

@verretor @tracyspacy I noticed that freedom is more valuable for bitcoiners than feeling safely. Free people worry those who want to feel safe. You never know what free person will do.

@verretor @tracyspacy It will make them look free, so they would lose their friends.

@tadeusz @verretor what can we do to make people feel safely on this instance?

@tracyspacy @verretor I think that open discussion requires participants to be open to challenge their views. Mabey the progress is not becouse people feel safe. (feeling safe != being safe)
I think that "code of conflict" that was in Linux made it so solid and well written, that now this is the system on almost all supercomputers, routers and mission-critical devices. We don't need to feel safe, we need freedom.

@tadeusz @tracyspacy This is how it often happens when I do pull requests. The best projects are the ones where pull requests don't get merged too easily.

@verretor @tracyspacy I wish they would just leave it up to the users to block domains and people.

@verretor @tracyspacy Let them be I guess. Just a pity that ones like are so popular

@jk3r @tracyspacy is still not TOO bad. It didn't block bitcoinhackers.

@jk3r @tracyspacy No. They don't let people like us live on their instance but they don't care otherwise.

@jk3r @tracyspacy Yeah. Turns out Gab is a lot worse than

@verretor @tracyspacy In terms of blocking other instances? That's surprising hahahaha

@jk3r @verretor sure it is up to any user to decide whom to mute from federal timeline or even from an local instance

@jk3r @verretor @tracyspacy Free market at work.

Meaning people will leave those instances and join more level-headed admins. Which I really like.

It would suck if you've already built up a network, though.

Some people are gonna have a server in their room screaming at the wind and banning everyone in sight. But everyone needs a good lolcow now and then.

@MilquetoastQT @tracyspacy @verretor Agree, seems fairly trivial to move your account and followers to a new instance.

@jk3r @tracyspacy @verretor Reputation will matter as the fedi grows. Once again, the market at work. The Pareto principle will take hold eventually, as it should.

@tracyspacy @verretor The fediverse is so free that even people that don't like freedom are allowed in 🤷

@tracyspacy @verretor Is it just multiple instances blocking bitcoinhackers or is it a centralized list? Who controls the list?

@michaelfolkson @tracyspacy I think it's just some guy making that list. There could be a lot of instances using that list but that's their problem.

@verretor @tracyspacy Ok thanks. If you learn more post here please. If it is some random guy who controls an instance or two it isn't a problem. If it is coordinated across majority of instances then we should probably look into why it is happening.

@verretor @tracyspacy Bitcoin has a lot of enemies as we all know. Mainstream economists, most employees in existing financial system, academia, the green "mining is wasteful" crowd, politicians, the anti free speech crowd etc etc. It is pretty natural that most people will want to block it.

@verretor @tracyspacy Right, block in a list for other instances sense. Not block as in a Twitter Trump sense.

@verretor @michaelfolkson @tracyspacy People have a natural need to share news about bad actors. That's not a problem. This is a foolish attempt to create a central authority, but the fediverse or even Mastodon as a platform is not affected.

@verretor @michaelfolkson anyone is free to maintain any kind of lists - not a big issue.
the good thing is that @Gargron has replaced our domain with fictitious one :)

@verretor @michaelfolkson @Gargron I'm not quit sure. Some people have a tendancy to follow authorities of any kind and not separate examples from real opinion.

@tracyspacy @verretor @Gargron Some people dislike freedom of speech. He has literally tagged "free speech" as a reason for blocking. I don't think there is going to be a big overlap between the Bitcoin curious and anti free speech brigade.

@michaelfolkson @tracyspacy @Gargron Oh well, there's a lot of Bitcoiners who are cheering Twitter's censorship.

@verretor @tracyspacy @Gargron Take a mental note of who is. They either don't support the censorship resistance property of Bitcoin or their thinking is so muddled they will go along with anything.

@verretor @michaelfolkson @tracyspacy I have a twitter account that had been inactive since 2018 and popped back on to see what was up lately, and noticed this, pretty disappointing.

@tracyspacy @verretor nothing. You can still use this. They just don’t want free speech communities mingling with those who don’t care about free speech. That’s why the federated model works better than the centralized twitter model.

@tracyspacy wait can I have some context here? I know that Gargron used bitcoinhackers as an example to block an instance in Mastodon's doc, which is bad taste, but I'm not aware of attempts at really blocking this instance.

I mean I don't doubt there's some retarded admin somewhere that already blocked us, but is there a relatively widespread attempt at blocking us?

@verretor @tracyspacy ok I missed that thanks. That's not only not concerning, but actually amusing. Just a bunch of loonies that we won't even need to block since they'll do it themselves, that's way better than on Twitter

>Bitcoin unlike legacy finance cannot apply any form of discrimination or segregation to anyone. So what is the real reason behind attempts to block bitcoinhackers from freedom-oriented fediverse? Where the spirit of bitcoin differs from the spirit of fediverse?

The fediverse is diverse so I will answer about those people who are conspiring to block bitcoinhackers. Consider the following:

>Bitcoin ... cannot apply any form of discrimination or segregation to anyone.
>attempts [by mastodon users] to block bitcoinhackers

conclusion: those users are in favor of discrimination and/or segregation in certain contexts, one of which includes bitcoinhackers.

Of course they would not use this language but there i no mistaking it.
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