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Bitcoin's unique value proposition:


Bitcoin makes it possible to electronically transfer funds directly between two parties without the need for a trusted third party.

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Official US inflation rate: +1.5%

Oil +80%
Corn +69%
Steel +145%
Wheat +25%
Coffee +34%
Cotton +35%
Copper +50%
Lumber +126%
Soybeans +71%
Home Values +8%
Stock Market +23%
Money Supply +24%

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Lol shiba is finally ahead bsv by mcap :)

Still around 220k bitcoin daily transactions, no El Salvador effect so far

Solana is as artificially speculative that traffic jam or broken alarm could lead to unexpected sinking :)

alameda/ftx supported tokens demonstrate inadequate growth this week

Lol shiba inu is just behind bsv by mcap. One small movement and market will value shibu inu more than bsv

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And moreover, although talking a lot about aiming to become a green alternative, but at the same time using huge computations and energy for each block to just artificially burn a significant part of a block reward, they demonstrate a perfect example of energy waste 🤷‍♂️

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Ethereum's case shows that company behind coin could easily steal money from miners and they would have nothing to do about it but silently bear it...

Ethereum's simple formula: to become richer just find someone from whom to steal.
Ethereum startup is actively trying to not allow miners to mine more eth than was pre-mined during their ico.
Simply put, they are trying to increase price of their pre-mined coins at the expense of miners.

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€€ 💰 Inflation beim Euroshop. 💰 €€

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Picking a title for the App Store page is not easy. Just "Mastodon" is taken by someone - I can't find who or what. So needs more words. "for iOS" is redundant and not permitted. "Decentralized" is so long it doesn't leave any characters for the noun. Besides, I don't want any technical jargon. Any words that a random internet user won't immediately recognize. Twitch has it so easy with its "Twitch: Live Game Streaming". Short and clear.

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Dear American Youtubers. This is not Germany. Thanks, Europe.

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Does anyone know why is down?

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As the official German Bitcoin delegation 🤠, we had the honor and privilege to meet the El Salvadorian embassador in Berlin today. Looking forward to work together to educate the local expat community on everything .

¡Por la libertad de transaccionar! ⚡

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