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Bitcoin's unique value proposition:


Bitcoin makes it possible to electronically transfer funds directly between two parties without the need for a trusted third party.

dollar is good at one thing at least: thanks to printing machine any time you spend it even in local grocery, you follow sell high strategy :)

why ppl should be excited about paypal and venmo starting selling bitcoin if there are plenty ways to do it already 🤷‍♂️
or is it like I will never try pepsi until wallmart starts selling it ?!
such dumb news are all about a need in finding good signs everywhere to cheer up

the late thought regarding an old topic.
considering that Craig Wright forked bch instead of bitcoin network, we can assume he had more bch than btc in 2018 🤷‍♂️

despite ethereum, DAI looks interesting.

@TallTim has finaly updated his forecast!
you're almost like baltimore stock broker but in a good way (without attempt to scam)

brave browser is like a chrome clone which blocks some ads to replace them with anothers and pays for them with useles tokens that you can withdraw after complicated kyc procedure only...why do people like it?

going to setup bitcoin full node on my rpi this weekend.

coinbase wallet is overvalued considering tons of competitors providing similar products.

why bitcoin thesis morphing from time to time?
cuz bitcoin is a complex idea that people are trying to put into their simple heads.

again 48h volatility (2.63%) is almost 2 times lower than expected.
let's see if in the near future there will be another price move 🔮

what if our civilization is quite flimsy? interesting to know why previous civilizations collapsed 😬

nice book I found:
1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed
by Eric H. Cline

I've noticed that after a low volatility period sudden price moves come :)
last 48h volatility is around 4% that is lower than avg. Let's see ...

@TallTim Do you know what is the closest analogue to crypto OTC in the universe? It does resemble neither Forex otc nor otc on securities market...

The only people who missed/forgot previous story about "blockchain gonna revolutionize everything" can believe in DeFi success

The question of the day!
Why 3rd party storage solutions called "crypto custodies" when they are depositories in fact?

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Surprisingly, the Daily indicator sets flipped to the Bull side. This is encouraging, at least on the longer-term horizon for the Daily. The shorter term charts are still digging out, so it may take a bit for this to kick in. If I get whipsawed on this, I'll sit it out until the next signal, as I usually do. We've taken some pretty hard hits, it would be nice to get some retrenchement here, grinding higher. Upper target is now 7000.

@TallTim any chance bitcoin bounces back to ~4,000 usd in near future?

Not stocks gaining in value but USD is getting cheaper.

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