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Bitcoin's unique value proposition:


Bitcoin makes it possible to electronically transfer funds directly between two parties without the need for a trusted third party.

Bitcoin Price Distribution from lowest to highest since 2013

My personal set of bitcoin related daily news hosted on IPFS in form of IPLD. For those who are not looking for easy ways 😁
How to read:
1. use this link to resolve current Hash (ie path) ->
2. go to and paste resolved Hash there and press "Explore"
3. choose a post to read and enjoy.

@TallTim do you probably know what exactly triggers exchanges to demand more tokens from Tether? considering that exchanges such as binance are not dealing brokers (I hope) ie if 2 traders made a deal with 2 assets, exchange should have both assets in custody available for withdrawals.
I can imagine 3 cases:
1. margin trade, if trader is in + , cash out leads to cash gap
2. part of deposits in custody is invested/lent out etc - in case of cash out cash gap happens
3. hacks

I've noticed that have not been visiting bitcointalk for almost 2 years. How about you?

Folks, do you know any good free API with historical aggregated trading volume from exchanges.
I tried cryprocompare, but too many mistakes for 2018.
Tried coingecko, but there is volume for separated exchanges only and not clear available dates, too much hussle ...

if people managed to use tiktok but bitcoin ux fo them is "too complicated" it is just their choice.

I like the idea behind DEXes : fully automated trades execution sounds as a real tech innovation. But there is the rub: I'm quite confident that it suits more for replacement of manual currency exchange for average Joe at banks, than for replacement of Exchanges for professional traders.
What currently happens with DeFi is totally opposite to my understanding though.

on 31th August usdt mcap suddenly added 3 bln, 2 days after bitcoin slumped by 11 bln.
So 2 questions:
1. Is there any connections?
2. If yes, who started the slump?

whats going on with eth from expert view @TallTim ? Is some one artificially pumping it?

@TallTim could bitcoin price reach 2019th high this year, how do you think?

using too good to go I realized how many people are heavily fighting against food wastes in Germany especially if we talk about sushi 😂

my mate invited me to meet up, next day asked me to find a nice place for a dinner, I sent him a google maps link with proposed place, he told that he doesn't do google links and asked for a particular address 🤯
why sometimes ppl seeking to be a snowflake think that it should bother anyone and waste my time?!
You don't do google - your problem ❄️

my profile's header now highlights every single region I've been to.

still wondering, what makes ppl to follow CSW?
as far as I know, he still didn't prove that he is Satoshi...

dollar is good at one thing at least: thanks to printing machine any time you spend it even in local grocery, you follow sell high strategy :)

why ppl should be excited about paypal and venmo starting selling bitcoin if there are plenty ways to do it already 🤷‍♂️
or is it like I will never try pepsi until wallmart starts selling it ?!
such dumb news are all about a need in finding good signs everywhere to cheer up

the late thought regarding an old topic.
considering that Craig Wright forked bch instead of bitcoin network, we can assume he had more bch than btc in 2018 🤷‍♂️

despite ethereum, DAI looks interesting.

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