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Here is my test lemmy instance (self-hosted reddit alternative), feel free to join test.

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Bitcoin's unique value proposition:


Bitcoin makes it possible to electronically transfer funds directly between two parties without the need for a trusted third party.

during ICO boom were raised up to 64 bln, a recent effort - DEFI brought less than 40 bln for now.
looks like ICO was their peak :)

What do you think aliens would prefer as a medium of exchange for intergalaxy trade?

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und stolz auf euch alle!
Ich lerne auch Deutsch, weil Sie die meisten Bitcoin-Knoten pro Kopf haben.
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In Germany is (I'm a bitcoiner) trending on position 1.

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In for the technology? Join the monthly Socratic Seminar (Berlin edition) tonight at 7 pm CEST to discuss the latest developments. No price talk, no shitcoinery.

This edition (#16) is hosted by @SebastianvStaa, @fjahr and @freerko.

Is buying Bitcoin :bitcoin: now mean that you are buying it from Elon/Tesla ?

market capitalization of company as measure of success especially in fiat currencies is unreliable indicator.
It is the same thing as sprinter who measures his success in gold medals instead of a lap time which is an objective characteristic.

Binance Research: Bitcoin Maxis are likely to be more educated, wealthier and more adventurous than other crypto users. 🤷‍♀️

pretty sure that the wallstreetbets, but not banks and governments will be blamed for the next stock market bubble crash 😱

Here is my test lemmy instance (self-hosted reddit alternative), feel free to join test.

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Like clockwork, the scammers gonna scam.
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Ethers are great at telling suckers the story they want to hear

DeFi is not decentralized it has admin keys

ETH is not decentralized, Vitalik literally told the network to roll back

There is only ,everything else is a means of taking your money so they can buy more BTC

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Yes, I'm aware of the Elon Musk pump, just don't see it helping on the Daily just yet. If things change, I'll be the first to let you know. Crazy times with the degen investor army, eh? I haven't laughed so hard in quite a while. Well done, lads.

Framing rules the world!
Wallstreetbets people think they are moving markets, fighting against shortists and other nonsense.
In reality they are infusing their own money in garbage markets and buying rubbish helping funds they are fighting with to get rid of illiquid trash.

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