If you find yourself tweeting your gains while having sex, you're probably irresponsibly long.

Feeling a little weird about buying a shirt off of Amazon. You know, big data and all...

I think I'm starting to freak my 24year old son out. In the past week I've called and asked him about Coldcard, Signal and Protonmail. I'm afraid if I ask about Mastodon he'll feel obligated to ask for my private keys....

No edit button but I can easily delete and redraft without judgement.

Right now transitioning over to Mastordon is kinda like having more than one storage facility. But this one has amenities I don't completely understand yet. I found the bar though and nobody asked for an ID.

The challenge of learning a new social platform is exciting. Within the first 24 hours I have one follower more than just my wife... 😐

Things people tend to depend on too much:
~Social Media
~Government Handouts

Bitcoin Mastodon

Bitcoin Maston Instance