We all know that something along these lines probably exists in our future. Do your prep now and make sure your rebuttals are swift and concise when/if they are required.

@timothyallen Dan Held put this up the other day on YT. Didn't go into a lot of detail on the 'boiling the oceans' FUD, but makes good points vs statist woke cucks. The fact that BTC mining is trending towards hydro and eventually stranded natural gas can't be ignored or easily shouted down.



@Jorj_X_McKie In my experience, unless somebody understands why BTC is an important invention, they will side with the 'boiling the oceans' brigade quite easily. It will make sense to them. Believe me,. I work with many people like this. They are well meaning people... just never had to seriously entertain the 'fix the money' idea.

@timothyallen I hear you. Even boomers like me seem blind to the 80+% loss of USDs purchasing power in their own lifetimes. As long as their 401 & real estate portfolio NGU they feel like they are winning. Bitcoin challenges that. So they intuitively feel attacked by its existence. This keeps them from front running corps/banks/govs and ultimately they are

@timothyallen @Jorj_X_McKie that's why having convincing arguments is nice, but probably won't be enough if the overlords decide that bitcoiners are a variety of domestic terrorists that need to be "deplatformed". Unfortunately I'm afraid it will be very hard if not impossible to win the public opinion. Good news is that we don't really need to

@Sosthene @timothyallen The weak mindset of many of these people probably doesn't have a problem with banning free speech. It'll be a struggle no doubt.

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