Lesser known Lightning Network tools:
ln.cash - Send QR voucher, supported by all wallets
paywithmoon.com - VISA card paid by LN, no KYC
lnbits.com - Various LN wallet tricks
river.com - Easy BTC DCA, withdraw to LN
lightningjoule.com/ - LN in Chrome extension

stacker.news - News aggreg., login and tip with LN
microlancer.io - Tasks market, earn sats on LN
stakwork.com -Tasks market, earn sats on LN
finalmessage.io - LN for automatic "afterlife" message
coinos.io - Browser LN wallet

scarce.city - LN Auctions
lnrouter.app - LN Tools for node operators
lightningdecoder.com - Decode LN requests
sms4sats.com - Send SMS, pay with LN
lightning.gifts - Create LN vouchers
lightninglogin.live - Test LNURL-Auth
agora.download - Pay for downloads with LN
lnpay.co - Create LN paywalls and faucets
lightningpolar.com - Create LN testing setups


amboss.space - LN Explorer
lnurl-pay.me - Send fiat with LN
silent.link - Burner 4G eSIM paid with LN
lightning-poker.com - Poker with LN
kriptode.com - Various LN apps

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