Let's say I would have an unmixed "toxic" change from Whirlpool. Is it a fair strategy to create wallet with Muun or similar, fund it onchain with the doxic and then send it elsewhere (gradually...) over LN? What are the risks?

Meh... If you then "pull out"/withdraw the BTC from the other LN wallet no one knows that you were the sender, yeah. But there is still the connection between the adresses.
You can argue that you received those sats via lightning but it is not as private as a Coinjoin...


@XBT What is the connection between addresses?
Do you mean that Muun had a channel with Phoenix? There *may* be tracking information stored in Muun or Phoenix DBs, but there shouldn't be any track onchain, right?

@threed If you close the channel (withdraw from LN) the sats from the othe peer get transferred to your withdraw wallet, right?

@XBT I actually don't know. Muun doesn't use your original funding utxo to give you a channel and I couldn't find any good source on how it actually works.

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