Bisq has had pretty much zero volume recently because of tx fees. As of one of the last non kyc ways of buying btc, this is sad. Is bisq on level 2 possible?


So we created a p2p exchange on LN on one of the private messengers with forward secrecy based on a web of trust... and that works surprisingly well.
So I'd recommend doing something similar with your friends ;)

@threed my friends aren’t as cool as yours but would like to learn more about this. any reference material to try this?

@rorschachbtc Maybe I used too fancy words - we just have a group where people say like "I'll buy 50 USD worth of BTC over LN" and who wants to take it messages that person over DM. They settle through their accounts, fiat payment first. And that's it.

@threed ah ok. Once I get a group going will use this. Also, seems there is activity on the same topic in GitHub as well -

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