Welcome to , here are couple tricks:
- find the content to follow, no company is shoving content into your face here
- initially check as many profiles as you can and follow if you enjoy their toots
- joinmastodon.org/communities lists instances
- /about page of each instance has "Discover users" + "what's happening": great way to find profiles to follow.
- click on "star" if you enjoyed the post, "boost" if you want your followers to enjoy it too
- block spammy accounts right away


Advanced Mastodon Tricks #1

- Explore other instances - you can use this tool mastoview.glitch.me/ to view their local timelines.
- Fedi is not just Mastodon.
Better Youtube? joinpeertube.org/ !
Better Instagram? pixelfed.social/ !
Better Reddit? lemmy.ml/ !
And the kick? You can cross post / share between them, since they all use the same protocol :)

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