Considering that Atlassian’s policy and government affairs head, Patrick Zhang complained about the encryption laws in Australia, I'd suggest to give 0 trust to Atlassian products like jira, since most likely it contains some backdoor as required by local laws. Also isolating any email account used by its products #encryption

@nedelne_rano isn't it the other way? Australia has some tough rules for anyone seeking privacy. afaik at the airport you have to submit your passwords or private keys when asked. Otherwise they can legally take you into custody.


Which basically can mean that if secret court in US decide they need backdoor in Jira, friendly ASIO (intelligence agency in Australia) might force Atlassian to include backdoor in their products and then pass info to US agencies or others from Five Eyes countries.

And since Atlassian was recently complaining how law impacted Australia and their company... 2/2


@nedelne_rano Oh, then we agree. I misunderstood your initial point.

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