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So full-disk encryption on a Linux laptop is basically bullshit, isn’t it?

*gasps from the audience* *angry shouting*

Lock your computer: unencrypted
Sleep: unencrypted
Suspend: unencrypted

Hand your locked/sleeping/suspended computer to a customs agent or leave it unattended at a cafe: it’s unencrypted.

And we call this secure.

So I guess that’s the first thing to fix before we can recommend these devices to everyday people instead of Macs (see FileVault for a proper implementation).

1. Buy BTC for 17200 (Coinbase, etc)
2. Sell on Bisq for 17944 with Zelle (4.75% over mid price)
3. Repeat from 1

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Yesterday there were special conditions on UHF bands affecting the free PMR446 band. Many 300+ km QSOs were made, several over 400 km and there was one from Czech republic to Hungary which was first ever and it will attack the world record for PMR446, which is limited to integrated antenna, 0.5W and FM modulation. I'm glad I organized the event and made people go to hills in the middle of the week!

Clicking on .onion link in the new Brave browser automatically pops up a browser window that connects over Tor and shows the page... that's actually cool.

Why would people use candles to chart BTC that runs 24/7? The "open & close" time doesn't have any significance or does it?
@TallTim for opinion?

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I just realized that the German for “compound noun” is, in fact, 2 words.

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I'd rather stand strong together in the crowd with coinjoined, swapped and lightning'd sats than to be left out to be extorted and censored alone with a non-fungible, KYC'd and tracked stash.

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RT @bitcoinoptech
Bitcoin Optech newsletter #125 is here:

- links to a website that tracks miner support for taproot activation
- announces a new organization funding Bitcoin research and development
- includes questions and answers from the Bitcoin StackExchange

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RT @bisq_network
Bisq v1.5.0 is out!

Relaxed trading limits, 3 new payment methods, SegWit implemented across the trading protocol, and more!



Release notes:

Me: Having to deal with life struggles, complex problems at work, pandemic...
My brain: pol - pol - pol - pol - pol - pol

People are a strange combination of being deterministic and non-deterministic.

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Is there a way to run Lightning node on Raspberry Pi Zero? Theoretically it shouldn't need the resources for a full node, right? It could be interesting to have one to provide liquidity with Lightning Pool and thus stack some additional sats...

First time mixing with Samourai Whirlpool - how long does it usually take for the postmix utxos to be remixed at least couple times?

🔥 🌀 :bitcoin:

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You can fit full :bitcoin: monetary policy in a single toot:

CAmount GetBlockSubsidy(int nHeight, const Consensus::Params& consensusParams)
int halvings = nHeight / consensusParams.nSubsidyHalvingInterval;
if (halvings >= 64) return 0;
CAmount nSubsidy = 50 * COIN;
nSubsidy >>= halvings;
return nSubsidy;

Having 100,000 sats and not having 100,000 sats is a 200,000 sats difference.

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RT @bitcoinoptech
Bitcoin Optech newsletter #124 is here:

- contains a warning about backdoored VM images
- summarizes notable improvements to clients and services
- announcement of C-Lightning 0.9.2rc1
- notes changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure software

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