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Today I had my first look at the (inevitable) future of (gov mandated) minimum wage workers… CPK, California, USA

Make sure to preheat the portafilter with hot water! Night and day difference.

Stacker news now shows items sorted by time range!

And as a reminder - you get 100 sats on me if you sign through this link:

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #171 is here:

- summarizes a thread about paying frequently-offline LN nodes
- describes a set of proposals for lowering the cost of LN payment path probing in order to make certain attacks more expensive
- links to instructions useful for creating taproot transactions on signet and testnet
- describes recent changes to clients and services
- continues the 'how to prepare for taproot' series: taproot trivia
- BDK 0.12.0 release

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Entering the Matrix 👩‍💻

We are happy to announce an expansion of the Tor community's day-to-day conversations by bridging our IRC community the Matrix platform.

For regular Tor users, it means that you can chat with us using a friendly App like Element.

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“The first step to understanding
:bitcoin: is to admit you do not understand :bitcoin:


If you now sign up on Stacker News with this link, you get 100 sats on me:

limited offer ;)

Bitcoin could power all tea kettles used to boil water in the UK for
22 years.

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Encrypted chat app Wickr is funded by the CIA. We'd recommend Signal or Threema instead!

To fully trust an app, it's necessary that all client code is published as open source:

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So... a friend had a bachelor party. And they made the stripper play Prince of Persia on old Pentium I computer with 15" CRT.
I'd call that a win.

Stacker News now supports Lightning Addresses! You can sign in with your wallet and get LN address automatically :)

If you want, you can send couple sats to [email protected] to test it out :D

Never shitcoins! It's only Bitcoin and <this other coin I just bought>.

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In case you like #i2p, you may like to learn that there's a ticket to implement I2P as a plugin for #Briar.

No one working at it atm, but if you know someone who is interested in such, Briar will support it:

The internals of the current financial system are much more complicated than Bitcoin.

This is just first level approximation of Fed.

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