If I would be about to start business selling BTC mining rigs that directly connect with my solar panels and my wall batteries business, I would probably announce that coal powered mining is bad and people need to switch to renewables.

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #148 is here:

- describes a security disclosure affecting protocols depending on a certain BIP125 opt-in replace by fee behavior
- summarizes the 'Introduce node rebroadcast module' Bitcoin Core PR Review Club meeting
- announces Rust-Lightning 0.0.14
- encourages engineers contributing to open source Bitcoin or Lightning projects to apply for a Brink grant before the May 17th deadline


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There's at least $320,000,000 in on layer-2 and growing. Post-altcoin era. βš›οΈ

The bar for "good quality online mathematics education" (specifically in video format) just gets higher and higher. Apart from 3Blue1Brown, I don't think I've yet seen such high quality presentation of material as this (topic: abelian groups):



I have just noticed that my Pixel phone is using randomized MAC addresses. That's useful.

And this is cool. If you are a podcaster, you can easily get hosted lightning node for $18/m with podcastindex setup and inbound LN channels :)

- 7 signalling blocks out of 152 (4.6%)
- 4 by @slush_pool
- 2 by @FoundryServices
- 1 by @f2pool_official
- 7.2% of 2016 blocks during this period non-signaling

We're not going to make >90% this 1st time (out of 6) but it is improving πŸ‘€


This was one of the best spent 90 minutes ever! 😲

Watch this! Guaranteed money back if you didn't learn something new from this... literally... send me LN invoice.

My FOSS friends, is there some nice way to turn papers from arxiv.org papers into epub?

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