Bitcoin on Lightning Network is imho more valuable.

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i heard Linux is the dominant operating system on mars

Quick! What is best intro website into Bitcoin written in Spanish?

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Well, it took a while but my petition to keep strong encryption without backdoors legal in th EU is now open for supporters!

Please feel free to support it and or boost/promte it

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Rough progression steps with bitcoin self custody:
1. Smartphone wallet
2. Hardware wallet
3. Hardware wallet + passphrase
4. multi-sig

Advance up the levels as your bitcoin stack grows.

I'm onboarding new users directly on Breez and Muun... Imo the best intro experience.

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Gold Market Cap
🟪 🟪 🟪 🟪 🟪 🟪 🟪 🟪 🟪 🟪 🟪
$10.6 trillion

Bitcoin Market Cap
$0.9 trillion

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Total US Dollar Money Stock (M1):
⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ 🟩 🟩 🟩
$6.6 trillion

⬛ — state as of beginning of 2020
🟩 — newly created US Dollars in 2020

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Letting go of the guide rails can be a scary thought, but you don't need to do it all at once. Pick one, get comfortable, then move on.

Don't strive for perfection, strive for better.

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I have to say, the new Muun 2.0 lightning wallet is pretty slick.

Super simple, non-custodial, seamless between Lightning and onchain, inbound liquidity solved, solid backup solution and now fully open source.

In one call I asked Dario about more privacy & Tor, but I think the simplicity here is a solid counter argument.

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The 🚂 keeps on rolling!

The city of Miami (FL) is enabling based
- salaries for their employees,
- fee & tax payments for their residents,
- and inclusion in the city treasury

Great job, @FrancisSuarez! 👏

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if you don't like the "superb owl" pun then it's because you have aphantasia and cannot visualise a really really good owl. im sorry for that

So just so I get it right. Elon's director of treasury was sent to Saylor's annual "put Bitcoin in your treasury" summit. Which will presumably take some time for the companies to implement. And now Musk starts to ultra shill Dogecoin, which may conveniently slow down the Bitcoin price growth for some time...

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Takeaways from the activation discussion:
1. Unanimous support for BIP8. RIP BIP 9.
2. Overwhelming consensus that 1yr is correct timeout value (it's actually defined in blocks, so 26x2016 or maybe 87600).
3. Majority consensus for lockin false, though @lukedashjr strongly opposed.
4. No decision I could see on start time, but 2 months was done for segwit, and that didn't seem too objectionable.

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