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Major darknet market closing as founder walks away a Bitcoin billionaire


Elliptic estimated that the admins of [Joker's Stash] earned at least 60,000 bitcoins, assuming a 20% commision on sales. At today’s value, that would be nearly $2.8 billion."

" launched in 2014. Since then, it has become the biggest market for 'carders' wishing to purchase stolen on the web."


Ok, so this was one hella of surreal down-to-the-rabbit-hole.
It turns out you can download pruned full node + lnd on your Android (using play.google.com/store/apps/det) and then you download a game (play.google.com/store/apps/det) where you swing a monkey long distance. If you shoot the monkey over 200m, it opens a channel to your node with 40k sats. And now you can link your Lightning Crush with this and get sats to this node.

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We donated 4 of the 6 existing mainnet Pay-to-Taproot outputs (currently anyone-can-spend) to brink.dev.

Thank you f2pool.com and @satofishi for including the non-standard transaction in a block!


Wow, this is actually really cool: stacker.news

Great content, sign in with LN, and give or earn sats for posts and comments.


stacker.news - News aggreg., login and tip with LN
microlancer.io - Tasks market, earn sats on LN
stakwork.com -Tasks market, earn sats on LN
finalmessage.io - LN for automatic "afterlife" message
coinos.io - Browser LN wallet

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RT @gladstein
1/ My essay "Can Bitcoin be Palestine's Currency of Freedom?" is now live.

I spoke to Palestinians to learn how they are using Bitcoin as a peaceful protest to overcome staggering financial barriers 🇵🇸 ⚡

My chat with a user in Gaza blew my mind 🧵:


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For everyone who has a #blocklist... perhaps via #adguard or anything like that... this is the list of #Pegasus domains know by today...

Just add it to your block list


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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #158 is here:

- describes recent changes to services and client software
- continues the 'how to prepare for taproot' series: why wallets should wait before generating taproot addresses, lists
- announces LND 0.13.1-beta, Rust-Lightning 0.0.99, Eclair 0.6.1


In international law, "national security" is the safest frame to defend the country against providing human rights and freedom to the people...

Over long run, renewable energy is cheaper than non-renewable. By definition.

And to hint some of it (but DYOR):
- Expect a post from me within two months that says to ditch Swan, Coinbase shitcoin casino, River, CashApp, etc. and use Strike instead.
- Imagine there's a free "Google Translate" system that automatically and seamlessly translates your currency to any other currency at the moment of your payment for free and at market rate.

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As I'm looking into it more - what Strike is doing is ground breaking.
I know my Bitcoin friends are going to complain, but there are multiple break-throughs that are not really obvious at the first look.

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When Brave started, I dug their idea. Then they did an ICO, and more crap.

Today I got cut from "uphold" some crappy crypto exchange. The only way to get your money, (well, BAT) in and out of brave.

Brave is literally nothing better than paypal or Google.

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