the [email protected] (not bitcoin-dev) mailing list is now officially an announcements list

it was already *effectively* an announcements list for a long time—no discussion ever happened on it—but it is set up as moderated now

so if you are interested in a low-traffic list for notifications of releases, release candidates and security warnings, subscribe to:

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Get your proposals in for the 2021 Open Hardware Summit! This will be an amazing event, but organizers need YOU to tell the world about your open hardware related ideas, projects, tools and research.

Submit your (civil) comments to FinCEN on the proposed AML rule before midnight (EST) tonight!

An easy template to modify is available at
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1/ FinCEN is now accepting public comments on its proposal to extend AML regulation to non-custodial wallets.

The deadline is January 4. We have an unfairly (maybe illegally) short time for this, so we have to use it wisely.

Here's your ulti…

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More than half of the latest images available on Docker Hub have critical flaws from outdated software, while thousands of images are attack tools or other potentially dangerous software, according to an analysis of 4 million images:

Cyber dominance is “more defined by defensive superiority than offensive capability”
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While a nation's military may have damaging zero-day vulnerabilities sitting on their shelves, those flaws lose their power as soon as they're found and patched.
Nations can't flaunt offensive cyber strength without weakening it. Why defense is key:

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Just to put things into perspective or the rising wealt inequality in one chart: The average US worker must now work 141 hours to buy 1 share of S&P 500. That's, of course, a fresh record. In the 1980s, it took less than 20 hours.

Glad to see @thepine64 become a victim of its own success, and looking forward to a North American retail store!
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Pine regional online retail stores are coming in 2021.
Blog entry discusses community and retail pricing as well as currently offered support (including present challenges) vs. retail experience.

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Do you accept payments for donations or online sales? What are some pain points?

Key management?
Server uptime?

Would a managed service help alleviate them?

(Please share!)

This is especially helpful for using platforms like @kodekloud1, where accidentally closing the tab means waiting for a new test environment to load before restarting the exercise from the beginning.

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Using a and frustrated by losing tabs due to habitual ctrl+w use? (often used to delete full words)

Pinned Tabs is an extremely useful @firefox feature that mitigates this annoying issue!

📣 Casa is hiring an Infrastructure Engineer!

This role will work closely with @lopp + our engineering team to scale and secure mission-critical infrastructure here at Casa HQ.

Application link below 🙌

Looking forward to adding a 4-node RPi CM4 cluster to the homelab next year!

This thing looks like it hits the sweet spot between redundancy and price.
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Turing Pi 2 is coming in 2021 as a 4 nodes mITX cluster. The V2 supports CM4 and up to 32 Gb RAM, has 2x mini PCIe, 2x SATA III, Layer-2 Managed Switch with VLAN support and more…

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@bryanl Look at the "wake" of the person. Under Qualified / Under Prepared (even if well intentioned) leaves behind a wake of confused actions and bad decisions. People with imposter syndrome feel under qualified, but leave behind a wake of successes over time*.

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TY @thinkmassive for showing me this quality, timeless content. 🙏

open 👏 source 👏 projects 👏 should 👏 not 👏 use 👏 closed 👏 chat 👏 platforms

Automated withdrawals to a BIP47 payment code
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Do you do recurring buys?

👉🏻 if you had a magic wand, what’s one thing you’d improve about your experience?

Please RT for more answers

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