From Nik Bhatia's "Layered Money"...

The florin maintained an unchanged weight and purity, about 3.5 grams of pure gold, spanning an astounding four centuries. By the time the florin denomination was one hundred years old, it had evolved into the international monetary standard for pan-European finance. High salaries, jewelry, real estate, and capital investment were all priced in florin.

100 years to gain dominance. Without the viral tech we have now. Bullish :bitcoin:

Hey pop quiz:

Q: What do you use a safe for?
A: Securely storing valuable things.

Next one...

Q: What do you "use" Bitcoin for?
A: Securely storing value.

If you still think holding Bitcoin is not using Bitcoin, you might be beyond helping.

This isn't as humble as I could possibly be, and I'm open minded to the possibility that I'm wrong, but when people who have done nothing to educate themselves on try to convince me against it, I find myself thinking: one of us has put some effort into figuring this out and one of us hasn't. Odds seem to be against the human who hasn't thought about it being the one who is right.

Facebook “a networks effects company” bullying Australia “a country with a military”.

Sovereign companies are not far away.
RT @JuddLegum
1. So Facebook banned all Australian news sources from its platform because of PROPOSED legislation that would require Facebook to negotiate compensation for Australian media outlets

It's not even a law yet.

That's important.

Been working my way through the Sovereign Individual for a little while. It keeps dropping crazy prescient calls...

" or more nation-states will undertake covert action to subvert the appeal of transience. Travel could be effectively discouraged by biological warfare, such as the outbreak of a deadly epidemic. This could not only discourage the desire to travel, it could also give jurisdictions throughout the globe an excuse to seal their borders and limit immigration"

Do not read, listen or watch the msm telenovela called “the news”. Do not trust, do not engage. You pay with your time. The biggest waste of time and attention ever existed. A stage for the politicians to divide and conquer with rhetoric and story instead of facts and reality🤮

Q: At what price would you sell your Bitcoin?
A: 25% above the spot price on any reputable exchange.

I figure that would allow me enough wiggle room to get that fiat converted straight back to BTC and increase my stack even in a rising market.

Letting go of the guide rails can be a scary thought, but you don't need to do it all at once. Pick one, get comfortable, then move on.

Don't strive for perfection, strive for better.

Here's the perfect counterpunch to the notion that education is getting more expensive.

University degrees (etc) are horribly overpriced. But first class information, from the most elementary to the most advanced ideas, is free and abundant. You just have to think for yourself.

3/5 If becomes the reserve currency, it will eat the monetary premium of assets like gold & silver, reducing the need for mining these assets to just industrial use

It therefore has potential to impact up to 80-90% of the demand for gold mining 👀

Figure by @real_vijay

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Ted Kaczynski and Bobby Fischer were geniuses too... how many people would give a fuck about their opinion on Bitcoin?

It took less than 50 days between this communication with Elon Musk and Michael Saylor on twitter and Tesla announcing a $1.5 billion purchase of .

Microstrategy's conference was held on February 3rd/4th.

50 days puts us at ~March 25th.

Plan accordingly.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no zero risk option for storing your wealth.

Think it's prudent to take some profits from BTC gains and go back to dollars or euros or whatever, to avoid the risk of the price pulling back?

Well, there's risk in holding that fiat money too.

The zero risk option doesn't exist. Any money has risk. You just have to pick the one you think has the best risk/reward balance.

And if you've been paying attention, the answer might be quite obvious to you.

Now every single person in the world has someone richer than him who invested in bitcoin

People who FUD by saying “you can’t buy anything with it” are delirious.

You don’t exchange for anything which isn’t capable of improving your life more than .

Currently that is nothing, because it’s the hardest asset in the world.

Accumulation is key.

Warren Buffet's First two rules:
No. 1: Never lose money.
No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1

Soooooo, by that logic, holding wealth in fiat currency that is continuously losing purchasing power is no bueno friends.

There's a :bitcoin: etter option

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