Je découvre un peu tard le compte @mastodonusercount listant heure par heure le nombre de nouveaux utilisateurs et d'instances sur #mastodon

On peut y voir une explosion 💥 de nouveaux utilisateurs depuis quelques jours.

À se demander si les récents événements viennent favoriser son adoption 🤔 ?
#twitter #whatsapp #parler #signal

So people leave tweeter then set up a tweeter bot so we get tweeter post on the place we left tweeter for.. 🤔

I am a bit worried that Twitter gets abandoned and Shitcoiners completely take over and lure beginners into their scam projects - as they have been trying the last years

Imagine .eth plebs calling Ethereum money and no one disagrees.

But so far, Udi & Co are still fighting.

Parler makes Gab look competent and well-run. Let that sink in.

There is no evidence that any virus causes any disease - David Icke talks to Dawn Lester, co-author of 'What really makes you ill'

1 day on Mastodon > followers than I ever got on Instagram:

I think this is the right platform.

bitcoin is dumping because we aren't on twitter dunking on the haters

Someone send Schiff, Nouriel, and Raoul an invite...I feel we're getting soft already😂

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