You don't have to go newcoiner zero to full bitcoiner hero all in one go.

You're allowed to take small baby steps and learn along the way.

e.g. if your coins are on exchange and you're scared about self custody, try a small amount on a phone wallet to get comfortable.

There comes a time in every man's life where he finds himself wantig to manage his own keys and run his own #Bitcoin node.

The 🚂 keeps on rolling!

The city of Miami (FL) is enabling based
- salaries for their employees,
- fee & tax payments for their residents,
- and inclusion in the city treasury

Great job, @FrancisSuarez! 👏

RT @Bitcoin_Sam
Gold is great at moving value across time but not space.

Fiat is great at moving value across space but not time.

is the only tool great at moving value across spacetime.

~ @breedlove22

There are way more Karens in the political class than courageous defenders of liberty.

will win because it can't be stopped by Karens.

Robinhood is a free/no-commission brokerage.

If it's free you're the product. And guess who you're being sold to? Hedge funds.

Reminder: if you don't or can't hold the private keys, that's an account. Not a wallet.

The GME and Robinhood saga is a great reminder to always remember who is the product and who is the customer.

Customer: Citadel
Product: Retail investors

Cathie Wood says Ethereum is much easier to hack then Bitcoin.

Did anyone listen to Laura Shin interview Michael Saylor on the most recent Unchained podcast? Saylor is absolutely killing it! It’s a must listen IMO.

Nation-states can't ban , they can only ban themselves from the global economy.

Very few people are willing to put in the work to try and understand Bitcoin.

So many people are just pinging off each other as though truth was a social thing. They repeat boring bitcoin denier drivel instead of reading some Menger or Mises. They'll HFSP.

Another true American joins the force fighting for foundational American principles in its political sphere.

@SenLummis @PatrickMcHenry

RT @PatrickMcHenry

Policymakers should be on the side of innovation and ingenuity, which are vital to American competitiveness. I hope others in US govt join me.

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just got a big upgrade. We're excited to announce CheckSequenceVerify (CSV) support is now deployed. transactions using Blockstream Green will now be more private (no email needed) and trust-minimized. 🛡️⏱️🔑

Value is what people want. People always want money. What people demand from money are monetary properties. Bitcoin miners convert energy directly into perfected monetary properties.

So, the labor theory of value holds for Bitcoin?

breaks all our models.
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I hear a lot of people say that S2F is an invalid model because it doesn’t account for demand. Here’s what I’m thinking.

As long as hashing keeps go…

@stephanlivera Yeah, but I don't think we're there yet. Most ppl should be DCA->cold storage.

The problem with lightning and DCA is channel sizes. Does exchange create a channel 10x the DCA amount? That's a lot of hot wallet. And if the user pushes to cold storage every 10, that's another on-chain tx, giving a reasonable but not amazing 5x fee advantage.

In summary, Lightning makes sense as a payment network, and is best when people are using their Bitcoin for that.

As this Bitcoin cycle gets more crazy towards mid and end of this year, having Lightning already integrated on your exchange will be a great competitive advantage.

If you're only using on-chain for withdrawals, you'll get a lot of customers complaining about high fees.

hash rate growth for the next year is likely to be constrained by ASIC production,” @excellion said. “This could lead to some very interesting new financial products related to mining." 🪨⛏️

Michael Saylor is putting on a Bitcoin “how to” seminar for company execs, cto’s, managers, etc... teaching them to use his system for adding Bitcoin to treasury reserve. I heard him say there will be 1,000’s of people in attendance. 😯 The good he’s doing for Bitcoin is hard to comprehend. Quite possibly the most influential man yet in this space. Truly remarkable!

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