I'm trying to help people just entering the Bitcoin space with a beginners guide/library for bitcoin knowledge


@drbitcoinmd added most of the ones you mentioned. Still need to hear a couple but did you also put a list together?

I think of this place as home but would encourage people here to also join GAB. I have only posted a few times but have found curiosity around bitcoin but not a lot of knowledge. I think it would help adoption

Add me if you're already there...


What are everybody's thoughts in Michael Saylor's February conference? youtu.be/DLrxg-d_qm8

@CKsTechnologyNews how do they make money currently? Just curious how they stay online

@drbitcoinmd If you can share that beginner's guide that'd be awesome! If it's a QR code website they can just save even better :)

@drbitcoinmd what extra resources do you leave them with? This is an awesome idea... I don't want to ruin it by sending them to somewhere they will get lost

Me every single morning... what can I do to get more :bitcoin: today...

@CDNhodl I think that's around 9,800 BTC in three days. 🚀 coming soon

@bitcoinpasada Agree! I wonder if we will have as strong a pull back after this year as we did last time? Seems like people would want to front run the next halving

@KevinBebee I had a few friends jump in and that moved me up the line. Took about three weeks to go from 100K in line to being accepted

Bitcoin Hackers needs some more Fold card shilling. I've been using it a week, it's legitimately fun. I found myself waiting to buy things I need when bitcoin dips a little to get more sats. practice

@earnest I wonder about that too, seems like every day.

@jimmysong my wife and I talk about this all the time. God + Bitcoin have been so good for the heart in this weird year

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