I'm trying to help people just entering the Bitcoin space with a beginners guide/library for bitcoin knowledge


@drbitcoinmd added most of the ones you mentioned. Still need to hear a couple but did you also put a list together?

I think of this place as home but would encourage people here to also join GAB. I have only posted a few times but have found curiosity around bitcoin but not a lot of knowledge. I think it would help adoption

Add me if you're already there...


What are everybody's thoughts in Michael Saylor's February conference? youtu.be/DLrxg-d_qm8

Me every single morning... what can I do to get more :bitcoin: today...

Bitcoin Hackers needs some more Fold card shilling. I've been using it a week, it's legitimately fun. I found myself waiting to buy things I need when bitcoin dips a little to get more sats. practice

I have seen a lot of guides on grapheneOS, bitcoin and pixels. I have an old Galaxy S5. Is that too old/ not recommended for a similar effort? It wouldn't be my daily driver.

We can get over 3,000 SATS for a dollar right now. What a sale :bitcoin:

In all seriousness....who is selling lol. It’s not us. It’s not Saylor. It’s not CashApp. Miners and exchanges I take it?

The only time I wish I held more Fiat is when dips happen... I want to buy cheap :bitcoin:

Just a PSA, enable the advanced web interface on the web client. It's a nice tweetdeck like experience.

Goodnight fam, already feel so at home here. :bitcoin: for all

What will the price of :bitcoin: be twelve hours from now?

January sale on :bitcoin: 10% off Sunday night special

So the one question I have is if we are all here who will tell them weak hands to HODL when things get jumpy

We need a little stock to flow :bitcoin: in here. All credit to planB on that other platform

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