Your reputation is something between you and others. Middlemen help you build that reputation, but you don't want to rely on only one middleman. Thus, instagram, twitter, Facebook, mastodon. Use em all! Decentralize

Eth scammers have left apparently left twitter (rooted out by twitter authorities I'm guessing). I'm assuming it's only a matter of time till they come here... or am I wrong?

Headline you will never see: "Detained Pastor Causes Bitcoin Price to Drop." Apolitical money for the win!

Told a friend I was ditching twitter for a new network called mastadon. "I'm guessing that's like twitter on the blockchain?"
Do you even know me?

This won't allow you to "own your own content" as in "be able to sell it" but at least you'll be "much less likely to lose"

If you're leaving twitter for mastodon, use IFTTT to tweet toots. If you ever get booted from an instances you won't lose those thoughts

⚠️ Just so we don't get too far along and people call it unfair.

Most of the first comers are maximalists. We will keep it that way.

Shitting on Shitcoins is ok, Shilling Shitcoins is not. We will try to keep this as a Bitcoin only instance.

I'm comfortable with this because it's a federated tool.

If you want to follow a shitcoin instance you can, that's the beauty of this system.

Long live Bitcoin, there can be only one.

Is there a PG13 Mastodon instance for kids? Is that possible?

I like Mastodon because it's another channel to socialize in. It helps decentralization speech, thereby empowering individuals and depowering would-be censors

I tried tweetdeck a few years ago but got rid of it. I can't remember what I didn't like about it, but the Masto-deck is awesome

Bitcoin will hasten the fall of weak fiat. Weak economies are most susceptible at first: Venezuela, Iran, Turkey but the trend will continue and the dominoes will keep falling. No fiat will be safe.

Mastodon is a fresh start! Reminds me of the migration from fb to instagram when all the parents came to fb, but instead of parents it was censors and ETH scams

testing my IFTTT mastodon --> twitter cross post applet

lol just starting on Mastodon and already it is a mess with one account on social and another on bitcoinhackers

Bitcoin Mastodon

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