Did you coinjoin today? :bitcoin:

Seriously nobody coinjoined.Why not I demain answers. :bitcoin:

@teambitcoin Wow this poll is super bearish on coinjoin. Anyone want to do a payjoin with me? I think bluewallet supports it.


> teach us how

Would you be interested in a regular privacy hygeine meetup? Not so much to discuss privacy tools (though maybe we'd do that occasionally) but to actually use them on a regular basis. I know that I am more likely to do stuff when there's a social dimension to it and I think others might feel the same.


Sounds interesting. What platform are you thinking

@teambitcoin well initially I was thinking Zoom, then I thought, Wait that doesn't make sense, how can you do a privacy meetup and choose Zoom?

So maybe jitsi? I could set up a vps to self host it, would probably be better than using the jitsi website.

I'll bring this up tonight at my regular bitcoin meetup and see what others think. You're welcome to come btw:

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