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I recently had some fun with A* algorithm. If you would like to review/comment/complain, then feel free to PR

I think that in some twisted way it is good that lefties don't want Bitcoin. They will be poor and will not have any power.
They exibit extreme levels of ignorance. This is probably good for freedom.

Hi. I was working on some OP_RETURN experiments in C++. If someone is interested I have them here:
If someone wants to critique and point errors and problems I would appreciate that.

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Fiatpocalypse Now.
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MARTIAL LAW: The province of Quebec, Canada is now under police rule. Every night from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. no-one is allowed onto the streets. Police cars are driving through neighborhoods, sirens blaring, scanning for dissidents to arrest. $6,000 fines - enough to destroy families.

Crypto twitter goes to mastodon. That's nice. :)

Bitcoin up, all alts down. 68% market cap. Still too low

I just came across this song - Gain Altitude - Ms Routine (Official)

ATH on BItcoin.. This is going to be boring year - new week, new ATH. Waiting for the crash to 100000USD in 2022

ATH in PLN right now. Wow. There were so many people in Poland sayin we will never see it :D

It appears that twitting the link to gave me insta-ban on Twitter. After block timeout they requested me to delete the twit, and it will unlock me. I decided to complain about it, and they pardoned me. This is interesting.

My node reports that halving occured :D (delayed toot)

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