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@Blockstream self custody and recovery without trusted third party

@demitasse i agree that the privacy aspect is extremely important and the privacy techniques on Bitcoin increases the blockspace usage. However in Bitcoin you have hard limit on the amount of data onchain, so it will not make blockchain bigger (but tx will be more expensive). In monero it is more flexible. You cannot use smart contracts on Monero (knowledge few years old - i was checking Monero back then), so offchain solutions are much harder to implement.

@demitasse they are just tradeoffs. More privacy with more bloated blockchain that will eventually load on AWS like Ethereum, or less default privacy but with ability to check everything on PC. Both are honest, but only Bitcoin have scale.

@sadimatsu Wow. Prehistoric. Goes to my playlist. Somehow I missed it :)

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Sunday Survey:

What's your opinion on abortion?

@wikileaks people in Poland knew that even before the leak, but noone listened...

@excellion it was funny for a while, but it was annoying when it was going back and forth multiple times. I hope never again 9k :)

@excellion Somehow I missed that. Thank you. So far he have a great record of indicating bottoms.

I was experimenting with different ways of handling CLI arguments in C++, and I did something that allows me to do this:

auto x = arg( argc, argv, "x", 10.0 );

This is how it is done:

If you are good (or bad) at c++ please comment. I am very curious if my approach is interesting.

@anita After I heard about It I really consider learning Spanish to have option to emigrate to some more freindly country...

I am working on set of methods for CNC workflow that is as follows:
Blender -> STL -> PNG -> GCODE -> Raspberry Pi 3 native executor

These are the results. It appears that there is not much code to write in order to achieve it.

@fribbledom - wanna take a look?

git clone gitlab.com/pantadeusz1/gcdvis
git clone gitlab.com/pantadeusz1/pigcd
git clone gitlab.com/pantadeusz1/stl2png
git clone gitlab.com/pantadeusz1/togcd

This is reactivation of my old project - github.com/pantadeusz/raspigcd

This time I aim to make it as simple as possible. The previous version is overcomplicated and I don;t like it anymore

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Working on CLI G-Code interpreter for Raspberry Pi without motor hat. It starts working - now only G0 moves are supported for one specific machine, but it will be extended.


Reviewing many engineering thesis. Considering changing my fiat job...

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