Bitcoiners are often insulted because "they're not working"
But many just work smartly & refuse the modern dictatorship to work for work's sake
They're using the rest of their time in a way that Classics would call "σχολή" in Greek & "Otium" in Latin

They were all noble activities like learning philosophy & sciences, physical activities, discussions & disputations

We can stretch the point further:
Socials could be the modern version of the agora. Where they discussed publicly important matters

@mir_btc is there really people saying this? I think I never worked so hard than since I decided to work with bitcoin

@Sosthene yup. See Amy Castor some days ago. Really depends on the definition of work and free time... Or whatever. Best use of my time since bitcoin


@mir_btc @kekcoin @Sosthene I banned her. It is so sad that people in power have so liittle intellect and so much contempt.

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