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@tracyspacy @verretor I think that open discussion requires participants to be open to challenge their views. Mabey the progress is not becouse people feel safe. (feeling safe != being safe)
I think that "code of conflict" that was in Linux made it so solid and well written, that now this is the system on almost all supercomputers, routers and mission-critical devices. We don't need to feel safe, we need freedom.

Big news:

"CFTC Orders Tether and Bitfinex to Pay Fines Totaling $42.5 Million"

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Sunday Survey:

What's your opinion on abortion?

I was experimenting with different ways of handling CLI arguments in C++, and I did something that allows me to do this:

auto x = arg( argc, argv, "x", 10.0 );

This is how it is done:

If you are good (or bad) at c++ please comment. I am very curious if my approach is interesting.

I am working on set of methods for CNC workflow that is as follows:
Blender -> STL -> PNG -> GCODE -> Raspberry Pi 3 native executor

These are the results. It appears that there is not much code to write in order to achieve it.

@fribbledom - wanna take a look?

git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

This is reactivation of my old project -

This time I aim to make it as simple as possible. The previous version is overcomplicated and I don;t like it anymore

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Working on CLI G-Code interpreter for Raspberry Pi without motor hat. It starts working - now only G0 moves are supported for one specific machine, but it will be extended.

Reviewing many engineering thesis. Considering changing my fiat job...

I have working full etehreum archival node. Taxpayers money, 10k hardware with 12TB SSD RAID. It took around 43 days to sync. Not a thing that ordinary Joe can afford...

Bitcoin ATMs in Poland from still dont work.. I am so sad...

Do you know where can I find someone to sell me Bitcoin in Poland without KYC? The ATMs are down, so I have to find some other way...

Microsoft is closing its Blockchain department, but continue to work on ION on :
"Azure Blockchain Service will be retired on September 10th, 2021. Users are recommended to transition to Quorum Blockchain Service—click here for more information."

Taproot is getting closer to activation - 77% signalling

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