The untold story of the "
Balance on Exchanges is going down" narrative: that same chart in USD terms is trending up parabolically.

Still a long way to go before people learn the importance of self custody.

Another Opus we're working on in c-lightning is dual-funding, so let's talk about that! This is Lisa's work, but I've been following along, and pushing to make it more general.

Today, you connect to a lightning node and open a channel, and you put all the funds in. This is simple, but it'd be better if you could both co-operate to construct a tx, especially if you could do it with multiple peers at once. This requires a generic coop construction protocol, which was fun to write...

Hey @bitcoinhackers, I was permanently banned on Twitter over the weekend and I refuse to create a new account.

Can you guys please boost this so I can find and reconnect with people, thanks!

Seeing the mass exodus of my normie contacts away from WhatsApp and on to Telegram / Signal makes me bullish af.

Tfw they tell you to "buy the dip" but you can't because you're all-in, and you were all-in during all the previous bear market drawdowns

The silver lining of all the recent deplatforming is that it accelerates / incentivises work on decentralised alternatives that cannot abuse that power.

It's going to be a long and hard road, but information naturally wants to be free.

Shame we can't giggle at Roubini & co inevitable Tweets from here

Feels good there’s no shitcoiners though! Discussion can be more focused.

The Great Migrationℒ️.

We’re all going back to Twitter most likely, but it’s good to have a backup in case things get even worse over there.

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