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Casascius Redeemed

Index: 10589
Address: 1PVCG1x65qdSf35ufEzaTuTstuenSMUK5i
Series: S1-COIN-25
Value: 25.0 BTC
Created: 150940 (2011-10-28)
Redeemed: 674803 (2021-03-16)

Total: 345 (27938)
Active: 135 (20268)
Redeemed: 210 (7670)


Damn, a Ruthless Bitch 😂🤣 She Shows - No Mercy 😂🤣
$50K Incoming, and it's still early! 🔊Sound on🔊

RT @swedetoshi
Presenting my rude unboxing of a package I received from @btcpins 🔨👀

Just received incredibly cool swag by sir ⁦@swedetoshi⁩. My wife immediately fell in love with the skateboard with ⁦@bitkoyinowsky⁩’s piggy and called dibs on it. I snatched the rest in a safe place before Bowie gets his share of the bounty.

Who else wants a 🧂bae for your avi or a surprise for a fren?
Only 48k sats LN⚡️today!
Giphy d/l link provided at completion 👍🏼

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