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There are two ways to buy bitcoin: smash buy or stack sats. On up days, you stack sats. On down days, you smash buy. Today is a smash buy kind of day.

I have azteco vouchers available right now.if you want to give KYC free bitcoin a try. Hit me up!

@lightning and I are raking in the sats on! Anyone else play around there? It's kind of fun to leverage small amounts of sats to buy dips (and get mini-rekt).

It looks like Mastodon has quite a bit of customization options. :bitcoin: @nvk can we get a Smash Buy emoji?

@SanakTony We intentionally have a team of more than 10 admins over there.

Let's not forget this entire instance is run by @nvk and sits on a third party cloud server.

. @torproject has massive problems. Consensus is broken. This effects everything on Tor also @bisq_network


Looks like the Tor consensus is broken at this moment. Unclear why. It'll take awhile for the network to fail. But if it stays broken it eventually will as the consensus becomes invalid.

Reminder: Tor is centralized. Knocking out a half dozen directory authorities is enough to shut it down.

Twitter is done. Gradually then suddenly.

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