I wonder if this is related to Ron Paul publishing the fact that a nursing New York state nursing home had a wave of covid deaths after vaccinating?


Not clear *exactly* what the timeline is on that. Could just be coincidence and the vax didn't have time to kick in. But if not, that's not a good sign re: effectiveness.

In the shadows today. In the history books tomorrow.

Let there be memes.

Goldbugs have been waiting for this macro environment their whole lives....and just straight up took it from them.

Myth: taxation is theft.

Fact: taxation is domestic terrorism.

Started using now, If you are a Bitcoiner, please follow and retweet.
I will follow you all.

So bullish on the Bitcoin community.

4,341,763 accounts
+191 in the last hour
+3,992 in the last day
+48,144 in the last week

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