Splitting wood is the original men’s therapy.

Everyone is waiting for the next nation state to adopt   and sleeping on Native American nations, whose people would benefit greatly from a switch to a hard money standard.

Many fiat economists and fiat historians operate from two similar foundational presuppositions, which are 1) God has no dealings in my field of expertise and 2) I am a god in my field.

Prediction: Bitcoin, as the hardest money ever, not only absorbs all assets, hard and soft, but hardens all future assets produced under its scarcity.

The historians have been publishing fiat fiction for years. Tolstoy was right about how history should be recorded. It should be entirely decentralized.

Of course it would be a Lutheran school that would force me to wear a mask.

All cultures should be judged and some will be found deserving of a swift execution.

Who knows how to access follower and following lists of those you follow, here? I’m trying to follow more plebs.

Though he might not have had a word for it, Tolstoy was intimately familiar with mimetic desire.

Hard money will improve travel experiences and reduce transiency.

You all didn’t realize it, but when you swallowed the 🍊 💊 it was also the slow-release antidote to feminism.  

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