Is bitcoin core from the snap store verified?
Is it better to download and verify manually?

How many bytes is a bitcoin block?
How big is an average transaction?
What are the current drawback with lightning?

Hey guys,
doing a comp sci masters thesis/independent research. can you recommend some important area of research needed around bitcoin/lightning that i can focus my research on?

can anybody get me an invitation to sphinx chat?

I am setting up lightning node and BTC node behind a pfsense firewall. Can anybody point to best recommendations for setting up the firewall rules? Should that network be segregated ?

4,409,177 accounts
+45 in the last hour
+121 in the last day
+7,594 in the last week

Any down side to carving your seed words into stone? Stone is fire and waterproof right?

Has anybody used a dremel tool to carve their seed words into steel?

I' m running a full node on a ubuntu laptop used for just that. I downloaded bitcoin core and ran it. I also run Spectre on it.

Is there any added benefit to getting a nodl, or umbrel or any other node implementation?

NVK and Weatherman twisted my brain on clubhouse.
What the hell constitutes a secure dedicated laptop?

The Penguins Naruto Run the whole time 🤣😂

A snowy field trip for the penguins at the Saint Louis Zoo

I cloned the :bitcoin: src code from git hub. I jwant to read the code and try to understand how it's put together and maybe contribute one day. Any advice on where to start?

Soes IPFS have anything to do with a shitcoin or is it a promising decentralizing force?

I ready that ungoogled chromium has a vulnerability. Is this true?
What browser are you using ?

what happened to that taken down Saylor video that was posted here?

purchased a pixel 4a today, getting ready to install Graphene OS.

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