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Rolling up to the 4th of July BBQ with fresh copies of The Bitcoin Standard and Economics in One Lesson

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The difficulty adjustment seems such an obvious thing now, doesn't it?

28% hash reduction and the network chugs along with 2-3 sat/byte getting you into the next block. Incredible.

Get coinjoining folks 🌀

On this day in 2014, @pierre_rochard wrote one of the most prophetic articles in Bitcoin history.

Pierre outlined why Bitcoin's game theory would incentivize the massive speculative attacks on fiat that we see today.

Give it a read:

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“Nearly every war that has started in the past 50 years has been a result of media lies.” —Julian Assange

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The Man who broke The Bank of England can now acquire .

In yesterday's Daily Dive, I covered the similarities between George Soros' speculative attack on the pound and what @michael_saylor is doing today, and why it is an inevitability that history repeats itself.

Great times at the launch of the 4 State Bitcoin Network meetup last night in Neosho, Missouri.

If you’re around the 4 State area (MO, AR, KS, OK), check ‘em out!

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In , banks close after protestors break into the Lebanese Swiss Bank, ransack offices, and assault employees. Public outcry is at an all-time high as people can’t access their savings. Today, I accurately measure inflation in Lebanon at 110%/yr.

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U.S Senator @SenLummis, "I encourage people to save for their retirement, for their future."

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The yield desert gets drier with a new all-time low for U.S. junk-bond yields, of 3.78%. That's less than the all-in yield on investment-grade corporate bonds as recently as during the pandemic and again in 2019 and 2018.

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BOOM: ARK files for a bitcoin ETF (in collab with 21Shares). This would be bitcoin ETF filing #12.

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Bitcoin Hashrate is at its lowest level since July 2019. It has dropped a full 70% off the top.

Seems China has gone almost entirely off grid already.

Great time to get into mining for those with access to cheap energy.

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@TomGiuretis @Kred1t @martybent @saifedean The max negative difficulty adjustment is -75%

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Fiat is a fraud, buy says Billionaire Salinas: “Look, I started my career in 1981, Mexican Peso was 20 to $1. Today we are at 20,000 to 1. “And that is in Mexico, but if we look at Venezuela, Argentina or Zimbabwe, numbers lose all proportions.” trustnodes.com/2021/06/27/fiat

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Here is a video of Mexico’s third wealthiest man explaining why he believes all fiat currencies are a fraud and he wants to hold bitcoin over the next 30 years.

Incredible to see this from @RicardoBSalinas given his historic wealth and success.

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