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Breaking my twitter silence to say that everything we ever said about Bitcoin and energy was absolutely true, and if you don't believe me, take it from the 2nd richest man in Norway with skin in the game


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Digital Pushing Aside the Old Guard -
Gold will always have a place in jewelry and coin collections, but most indicators point to an accelerating pace of replacing the metal as a store of value in investor portfolios.

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Keeping an eye on this divergence. Bitcoin not acting like the duration tech plays so far. On its own drumbeat. twitter.com/LynAldenContact/st

Stoked to add this hardcover beauty to the shelf. If you haven’t read Layered Money from @timevalueofbtc yet, fix that!

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This month's Samourai Wallet update is an exciting one.

Headliner: We've launched a new Whirlpool Pool that should make CoinJoin more affordable for more people, right now! The 0.001 pool has a flat fee to enter of 0.00005 BTC

Download now: samouraiwallet.com/download/wa

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Interested in learning more about the “what” and “why” of Bitcoin? Could it become global money? Join us this Thursday to hear @sthenc as he discusses the considerations when investing in Bitcoin or in startups in the Bitcoin ecosystem


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1) update: @CBOE submitted the 19b-4 application to trade the shares of the @vaneck_us Bitcoin Trust. It’s time for U.S. regulators to step up to the plate and approve a Bitcoin fund. Europeans have ETPs. Canadians have ETFs. ETFs bring many benefits to markets...

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...aaand the new umbrel app store section is now live on getumbrel.com 🚀

"When the money supply is limited, wars will be limited."

📍Mexico City

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“But if you homeschool, your kids will be socially deprived!”

It's easy for governments to wage wars because they no longer need to convince citizens to fund them—they can just steal from savers through inflation and debt.

Don't let them take your money to fight their wars. Support peace by holding bitcoin.
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BREAKING: US LAUNCHES AIRSTRIKES IN SYRIA - breaking911.com/breaking-us-la

Investing in Bitcoin companies, not fake Bitcoin companies.

"Bitcoin is going to flip gold and then it's going to subsume the entire gold market cap," @michael_saylor says. Its volatility will begin to decrease once it hits $10T, he adds. cnb.cx/3aLYihr

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