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Meeting in pubs discussing the American revolution hundreds of years ago.

Going to Bitcoin meetups discussing the monetary revolution today.

Same energy.

The biggest freedom fight of our lifetimes is for monetary independence, the separation of money and state.

Most people don't know the battle is even happening yet, let alone which side they're on or why.

What's your money fighting for?

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Hiring three more software engineers at @SwanBitcoin in July.

Must be world class. Must be Bitcoiners. Must be Bitcoin only.

1) UX / front end
2) financial systems / BI
3) security / info systems

Get in touch if that's you, or if you have ideas.

Cc @BitcoinerJobs @skwp

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Rolling up to the 4th of July BBQ with fresh copies of The Bitcoin Standard and Economics in One Lesson

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Holy fuck is Ethereum broken.

EVERY design decisions they've taken for ETH2 carries absolutely irresolvable centralizing forces.

Think staking is bad enough already? The underbelly of MEV is absolutely monstrous.

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The difficulty adjustment seems such an obvious thing now, doesn't it?

28% hash reduction and the network chugs along with 2-3 sat/byte getting you into the next block. Incredible.

Get coinjoining folks 🌀

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Independence Day seems an appropriate time for us to reflect upon the cost of freedom.

In my first contribution to Forbes I make the case that Bitcoin substantially lowers the cost of financial freedom. forbes.com/sites/jamesonlopp/2

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The founding fathers were a group of young individuals who decided to push back against their government.

Most people today would call them traitors and turn them in to the tyrannical government they love and worship… for all of our “safety” of course.

Remember that. 🇺🇸

Don’t beg for freedom with votes, seize it with bitcoin


On this day in 2014, @pierre_rochard wrote one of the most prophetic articles in Bitcoin history.

Pierre outlined why Bitcoin's game theory would incentivize the massive speculative attacks on fiat that we see today.

Give it a read:

State power doesn't come from your votes, it comes from the money.

If you want big government, hold dollars.
If you want freedom, hold bitcoin.

If you truly want to support liberty and free markets, buy bitcoin instead of donating to organizations like Cato.

Nothing makes you appreciate network effects quite like seeing how amazing the people you got into bitcoin are at getting other people into bitcoin.

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"Work, rather than privilege, is what counts in consensus."

💯💯💯 twitter.com/DocumentingBTC/sta

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“Nearly every war that has started in the past 50 years has been a result of media lies.” —Julian Assange

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