The first to upgrade to stronger money stand to increase their purchasing power the most.

True for individuals.
True for corporations.
True for nation states.

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Who would have thought. 🚀

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already nearly 2x the 2017 all time high in Turkish Lira

If XRP comes up this holiday season, don't forget the fundamentals.
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“My coworkers keep asking about Ripple.”

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Step 1: All the scientists agree.
Step 2: Here's a scientist that doesn't.
Step 3: <censored>
Step 4: All the scientists agree. 👏👏👏

Bitcoin isn’t the Netscape of money—Bitcoin is the internet of money.
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is the new Netscape: A great technical advance that will likely be superseded by other products, leading to big losses for those who get caught up in the bubble frenzy. The cryptos that pay off in the long run will be the ones that provide real utility and cash flows.

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Announcing my new & improved website & learning platform:

Join to:
-Receive early chapters of my forthcoming books: The Fiat Standard and Principles of Economics!
-Access all my 4 online courses!
-Join the forum!
-Join our weekly discussion seminars!

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Southern California Christmas and ATH Party

Joint event between Orange County Bitcoin Network, Crypto Mondays LA, Meet Bitcoin Riverside, and Century City Bitcoin

Dress to impress, guests are encouraged, all levels of Bitcoiners are invited!

The only things crazier than how high is right now are how much higher it's going and how early we still are.

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Someone just got 4% satsback on their mortgage payment using the Fold Card 🤯

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Today, 78% of women in Afghanistan are unemployed.
@CodeToInspire is closing the gender gap in education and income in Afghanistan.
We are assisting a generation of young women who are ready to learn, code, and inspire

This outdoor mall has a board for people to write what they miss the most

Someone wrote “Bitcoin under $10K” 😂

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Friendly reminder.

There's an entire class of institutional capital that *can't* buy before it hits $1tn market cap because it's just too small. These investors are largely price agnostic. They don't market time, they "allocate".

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