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Soft launch for BitcoinerJobs.co! Let us know what you think, and ADD YOUR JOBS AND CANDIDATE PROFILES!

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My mom is dying of pancreatic cancer

She recently self-published a book of hilarious stories about Minor League Baseball

Would be pretty neat if we made it go viral to give her a thrill while she’s still around 🙏🏽❤️


"When the money supply is limited, wars will be limited."

📍Mexico City

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If you diet, invest, and think according to what the "news" advocates, you'll end up nutritionally, financially, and morally bankrupt.

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“But if you homeschool, your kids will be socially deprived!”

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"The code for Taproot, a proposed Bitcoin protocol upgrade for compact and privacy-preserving smart contracts, has been included in the most recent version of Bitcoin Core..."

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- A member of the board of Raytheon is now the Secretary of Defense

- Biden just approved a quarter of a TRILLION dollars worth of Raytheon's arms deals

- We just bombed Syria.

It would appear that the real winner of the Presidential election was Raytheon.

When the money supply is limited, wars will be limited.

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The broad market for storing value is ~ $400T.

Bitcoin is going to consume some % of the "store of value premium" from the following...

- gold ($10T)
- bonds ($100T)
- equities ($30T)
- real estate ($200T)
- broad money ($100T)
- art, wine, collectibles ($20T)

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I saw governments spending trillions of dollars bombing people on the other side of the world and realized my savings had been debased to fund it.

Bitcoin solves this. twitter.com/APompliano/status/

It's easy for governments to wage wars because they no longer need to convince citizens to fund them—they can just steal from savers through inflation and debt.

Don't let them take your money to fight their wars. Support peace by holding bitcoin.
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BREAKING: US LAUNCHES AIRSTRIKES IN SYRIA - breaking911.com/breaking-us-la

Investing in Bitcoin companies, not fake Bitcoin companies.

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Traditional treasury strategies no longer work to preserve shareholder value. Corporations need new techniques to manage the dilutive impact of monetary inflation on their balance sheet. The best idea is . twitter.com/bloomberglive/stat

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