On stablecoins, and achieving velocity without fractional reserve banking, here's @CaitlinLong_


"You're looking at this really enticing asset to invest in or buy, and you're acquiring it, but in doing so, you're strengthening what's inside of it. And you're allowing that financial freedom" - @gladstein


SLP304 @knutsvanholm Is The Infinity Meme Wrong?

Knut and I chat:
- Why you are not prepared
- hyperbitcoinisation and what it might look like
- infinity meme - is it right?


Tested positive on arrival into Sri Lanka. They've got me in a treatment/quarantine hotel for now.

Will prob be less active over the next week or so while I recover. Only light symptoms so far.

SLP303 @bergealex4 Ethereum's Path to Centralisation

Alex and I chat:
- Ethereum's MEV issue
- interaction of MEV and derivatives
- ETH will never be ultrasound money
- Ethereum as myspace
- comparison with Bitcoin trade offs


Here's the @SwanBitcoin team at @bitblockboom

@zanepocock @btcKaz @brendanlane00 @ReedWommack

Here's @MsHodl of @unchainedcap at @bitblockboom providing some tips on providing education to newcoiners

Here's @GaryLeland opening up @bitblockboom

What a great atmosphere. Excited to give my talk later today

Fyi there's an Instagram scammer pretending to be working with me, she is not. This is a fake account, please block/report

SLP302 @seedsigner Multi Sig security under $50

Seed and I chat:
- inspiration for the project @mflaxman
- accessibility
- project, not product
- use with @SpecterWallet @SparrowWallet @bluewalletio
- QR code experience

Listen and share!


Here's @danheld @jmo_mx @udiWertheimer @AllisonReichel chatting at pleb.fi/Austin about not changing on its key ideas and principles

SLP301 @mor_pav of @slush_pool & @laurentiapool Ryan Ellis - Mining Pools Decentralised?

We chat:
- how pools work
- coinbase payouts
- scalability
- decentralisation
- Stratum v2 @braiins_systems

A very thought provoking discussion!


Of the destructive fiat monies, USD is the strongest. So it only makes sense that the weaker fiat monies will fail first.

Don't be surprised at mass adoption in countries with failing fiat monies this decade. See what's happening with TRY or NGN for example.

"Can money be organised under the freedom principle?" - Murray Rothbard, What Has Government Done to Our Money?

On a day like today, 50 years after the US government 'temporarily' closed the gold window, it's a great time to read Murray Rothbard's classic, What Has Government Done to Our Money?

get it free from the @mises institute here:

SLP300 @adam3us of @Blockstream , Privacy & Censorship resistance

Adam rejoins me on the show to chat:
- Infra bill and 'crypto wars'
- Privacy in Bitcoin
- Confidential Transactions and trade offs
- Bitcoin dev
- Blockstream base station


I'll be speaking at Freer Future Fest Oct 9th in Nashville, TN

Get tickets here freerfuturefest.com/ and use code code 'StephanLivera' for discount

SLP299 @denverbitcoin of @upstreamdatainc Optionality for Oil & Gas

Adam and I chat:
- Getting into mining
- the necessity of fossil fuels
- Massive bitcoin opportunity
- Mining Council
- Lobbying - should it be done?

Listen and share!

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