I'm getting a lot of DMs about whether I'll be at miami.

I'm sorry guys I keep applying but the Australian govt won't let me out

@stephanlivera Out of curiosity, is the rule that they won't let you out, or they won't let you back in again if you leave? Both are terrible, but the first seems worse to me.

(And if it is the first case, then it also seems sadly ironic to me that a former penal colony has reinstituted effective jail for all its citizens.)

@ajtowns @stephanlivera Wow, that's nuts.

Now I feel bad about whining about the hassles of traveling around here. At least travel always remained an option; worst case was that you'd have to quarantine for 14 days.

@harding @ajtowns @stephanlivera
International travel is a mess right now, inside of the EU it seems we can still move relatively freely, even if rules are changing afaik they are very loosely enforced most of the time.
I have relatives in a non EU country that is very unlikely to give me a visa now, and even if they did I'd probably have to quarantine at 2 places 1 month in total so totally unpractical.
But Australia takes the cake so far it seems.

@stephanlivera @harding The business travel exception is obviously leaving a bunch unsaid - letting anyone who wanted to go to a conference would defeat the point, as there'd be more people leaving than hotel quarantine could handle coming back. But if the line between business that's ok and not ok was something principled, they'd probably be willing to tell you...

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