It might not seem like it right now, but the anti lockdown position will be popularly seen as correct in the fullness of time.

It will be important to look back and see who was anti lockdown at the start though. People will try to rewrite history to deny their lockdownism

@stephanlivera Started pro lockdown, had no idea whether data was reliable coming out of China and Italy seemed to be buckling. Once data was in and we had a better idea of the danger it presented to different age groups became more and more anti lockdown. I think a position that is anti lockdown during Plague, Spanish Flu scenarios sees half the population wiped out.

@stephanlivera Oh man, so true. It'll take a while tho; the mob love their chains

@stephanlivera I'm not so sure, there will still be a lot of propaganda. Just depends on how they're going to spin it.

Plenty of things that didn't happen or happened completely differently than what people thought.

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