Bitcoin Fediverse is growing! It's good to see that we've got a little more staying power this time.

It'll prob still take more people being cancelled off of Twitter before we get the next growth spurt in Mastodon use though.

@stephanlivera Yep, it is only a matter of time. I have permanently moved to Bitcoin Fediverse with 0% Twitter exposure.

I do miss you all though!


For any noobs (like me) who are wondering how to start their own instance, it can be done easily at - also keep an eye on

@Tom @stephanlivera

how is a hosted mastodon instance better in terms of canceling and censorship? couldn’t they just shut down your instance “for democracy!” or something?

@pox @stephanlivera you're right. I guess it's just an on-ramp.

Like, going from being an average twitter user to essentially running your own social media platform would seem like a step too far for most people.

@Tom @stephanlivera it does at least give you the option to keep custody of your own data, whereas with twitter they could just nuke it. I wonder if mastodon has an option for downloading a backup of all my timelines and toots and stuff...

@pox @stephanlivera I don’t know. Probably.

A good person to follow for this kind of stuff is @alex although he is all on Pleroma rather than mastodon.

I wish @aantonop would be active here, also hosting his own peertube instance for his videos would be perfect. We had youtube purges before...

@stephanlivera I've been trying my best to keep this going. Liking and responding to content to let people know their posts here aren't going into the void. I've seen a few waves here and this one has been the biggest. I hope it continues.

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