My guess: now that Biden is in, the coronahysteria will slowly subside over the next few months.

Leftist media will want to make their side look good, so they'll stop amplifying unrepresentative panicker examples.

@stephanlivera IDK I listened to his speech and he said it is going to get harder and to prepare for a dark winter.........

@Vikingo maybe media bias/focus/slant is even more powerful than what the president himself says...

@stephanlivera Only time will tell. All I can say is that I hope for the best but I expect things to get worse.

@stephanlivera things can’t change overnight. But with WHO recommending better thresholds for PCR testing it’s possible number will go down in a month or two. If you compound with seasonality and bias, the world might stop ending by March or early April, just after 100 days.

@stephanlivera ACAB is gone too. Perhaps even soon to be replaced by Back the Blue.

@stephanlivera my thoughts exactly. The powers that be were spinning a bad flu into taking power from day 1. The media is powerful, sure. But what made it successful was the unification of tech and media.

@stephanlivera I was thinking that the corona hysteria would stop rapidly after November the 4th, but I guess Biden's victory was not *that* compelling so they had to keep everyone under pressure until they secured the White House.

They just need to deflate it a bit slowly now so that normies don't notice there's something fishy

@Sosthene @stephanlivera Some governors have already said that they can't do lockdowns forever.

@verretor @stephanlivera yeah I saw that, that's amazing how having the right guy in office can change your perspective on things. Truly a miracle.

@stephanlivera God I hope so...have been paranoid lately because of the lockdowns. Living under Newsom is ridiculous

@stephanlivera is it going to stop Australians from freakin out every time a couple of cases are detected though?

They called Brisbane a hotspot after 2 cases! It’s like the states are just using it to shit on each other.

My thinking is it will bolster the case for widespread immunisations & highlight their effectiveness come winter.

@Brisket yea its about 90% panickers here. Only about 10% of the population (my estimate) seem to be speaking against the crazy hysteria

@Brisket actually i'd say it more like... 10% of the population seem to disagree with the hysterical over reaction. And maybe 1 or 2% are actually trying to say something out loud to stop this.

Probably the others are scared for losing jobs, or respect in their community etc

Yeah - it’s so very hard to tell because people are scared to even question the logic. There was talk about going back in the office & the queues to the elevators being crazy.

People joked that socialising in the foyer was the best bit. Also about the 4 sets of footprints in the elevator all facing the corners. What a dystopia!

Most of the people I talk to just follow along. They’re annoyed but compliant. Sick of the bullshit but think it’s for the best. 🤷‍♂️

Here in Canada, one of our provinces (New Brunswick) locked down with only a single covid patient in hospital.


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