Concerned about having your account shut down? Time to talk about Bitcoin Fediverse!


Bitcoin Fediverse is one way we can create an alternative to Twitter for our open, public square discussions in a way that group chat simply can't replicate.

Fediverse can be thought of federated servers for social networking and other purposes. e.g. Mastodon, Pleroma

It has some interesting differences with twitter:
- no ads
- algo is different
- you can move your account across diff instances
- think of it as interconnected communities where you can still follow or talk to each other across communities

So while it's not fully decentralised, you do at least have the option to "run your own instance" just like how in bitcoin you can run your own node.

Or you can piggyback off an already existing instance. Then pick up your followers and leave when you 'migrate' elsewhere.

To ease use, you can set up auto-cross posting with tools like

I have my tweets auto cross post to my BitcoinHackers mastodon account. I make sure to interact on Mastodon as well, rather than treating it as purely a broadcast with no interaction.

There are phone apps to connect with your Mastodon account, such as Tusky, Twidere, Amaroq, Tootle, Mast etc.

@stephanlivera now the question is: are you a) posting to mastodon and cross posting to twitter or b) posting to twitter cross posting to mastodon? 🤔

@Fkrauss for now I only have the twitter cross post to mastodon. Reason being it's doubtful the twitter audience care about what i'm saying here on mastodon.

I think these kinds of cross posting tools will help ease a transition over. if we at least have a viable set of communities on here, it'll be another way to carry on public square discussion if twitter were to cancel a bunch of us

@stephanlivera I think it is also an insurance policy right? if all your twitter posts have a link to your mastodon self-hosted profile. It is literally one click away for your audience to back up their subscriptions.

If something like yt unsubscribing people happens, then you can easily protect against it. and people will know that is the official channel too


algo is different

I actually don’t think #Mastodon has any algorithms

@stephanlivera I am a fan of Husky, I use it to connect. Can get it on F-droid.

Husky (Husky is a client for Pleroma and Mastodon social networks) -

@stephanlivera there's also Husky on F-Droid for the FOSS Android crew

@stephanlivera for 6 bucks a month you get to host your own then no one can stop you ;)

@stephanlivera It’s another option and fills certain needs better than more mainstream alternatives.

I’m mainly in twitter & Mast for self education & entertainment. I don’t rely on either for generating an income but I imagine Twitter is better for generating new “subscribers”.

I’m still unsure how to make Mast work for me & not sure if it has the critical mass of influencers here yet. Plenty of plebs like me though & it’s entertaining.

Toot! app made the experience better!

@Brisket guess we'll see if it grows more as more normal people get cancelled from mainstream socials

@stephanlivera - yeah I agree. I think it’s only a matter of time before the lefties decide to try & cancel Bitcoin.

No idea what will initiate it, but there’s only so much Jack can hold back. Something tells me he’s not completely in control of the ship these days.

I think many setup their accounts & had a play but then reverted to old habbits.

@Brisket yea for now, people go where the engagement goes

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