Many monetary economists are employees of a central bank. Many others in universities get prestige or funding for their work on behalf of monetary authorities.

Is it really so surprising the fiat economists rarely speak positively of bitcoin?

@stephanlivera do you have a step by step method to orangepill an economist?

@Fkrauss It probably matters more that they're open minded than whether the orangepiller has good technique and skill

@stephanlivera yeah, but you don't want to screw it up. I always get dismissals of Austrian econ. "no one takes them seriously in academia"

@Fkrauss @stephanlivera

The final thing that orangepills someone is NgU.

You can present the best set of arguments, but without NgU, there can be no orangepill.

@melik @Fkrauss @stephanlivera It *does* help to have increasing adoption as a sign what you're doing is worthwhile, and expand the industry so you can do it as your day job. But having been through this with Linux, I'd argue price-go-up is not necessary.

(In it's hard for them to be separate though, so it's a bit of a moot point!)

@rusty @melik @Fkrauss I think of it as the final trigger. People might be intellectually curious or interested, but once they see the price start going up, that's when the FOMO happens.

Most people don't bother *really* learning more about it until they've experienced NgU for themselves.

@stephanlivera @rusty @melik @Fkrauss

Disagree NGU tends to kick people in FOMO and shitcoining.

Number go down is when people really learn.

@rusty @Fkrauss @stephanlivera

I completely agree. I don't mean to discredit or devalue the work everyone is doing in this space whether it be software development, economic theory, education, network building; these are important efforts that play a key role in building the bitcoin network.

I just mean if someone is blatantly ignorant to this end, NgU is the final orange pill and *will* pull them in.

@stephanlivera government's capture of the intellectual class is necessary to provide legitimacy to their actions in a secular society. Modern day "cuz god says so"

@btc @stephanlivera Academia as a whole is compromised by its incentive model.

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