One cool thing with Mastodon is if want to run your own instance, you can migrate your existing followers over. Go to Account Settings -> 'Move to a different account' and you'll find a migration wizard

Note if you want to do this, you have to make the new account on the *other* instance first.

Then go through this process

@stephanlivera Curious how that API will not be exploited by scammers.

@Cryptopanter @stephanlivera he announced today upon further reflection that he will continue to run it... but he suggested everyone create their own instance if they can

@MultiBitcoiner @Cryptopanter it'll be good to decentralise this thing a little bit anyway, have a few diff bitcoiner instances going

@stephanlivera @Cryptopanter absolutely... this platform reminds me of bitcoin. Different architecture and requires a bit of learning but worth it for the benefits

@stephanlivera Are you creating an instance? Or joining another?

@theitaliandude No the instance holds this data, not you. (Unless you run your own obviously)

@stephanlivera This is a super important feature. Giving people the opportunity to decentralize further at a moments notice.

@ProofOfKeags yeah I love it, it really adds a whole new level to this thing

@stephanlivera will be excited and may try it out if decentralized providers like Umbrel package in Mastodon server

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