Parler is down, Gab is slow, I think the federated approach with Fediverse & Mastodon is worth a try. Join thousands of bitcoiners and let's grow an alternative to Twitter! Sign up with

Phone apps available e.g. Tusky, Amaroq

@jgettbtc @n1 yeah cross posting to ease the transition. see how we go

@stephanlivera which do you think is gaining more traction so far, Fediverse or Mastodon?

@stephanlivera Ah ok, thx.
As Telegram is centralized, wondering what your thoughts are on Element/Matrix?

@stephanlivera Please keep cross-posting. I am boycotting Twitter and hope to leave it permanently.

@stephanlivera this time is a little different but funny I’m moving online communities every so often to find high signal to noise. For me it was digg -> Reddit -> Twitter -> mastodon?

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