Holding fiat money in a bank account = lose 10% purchasing power per year

Holding bitcoin = ~triple your purchasing power per year

Simple choice.

@stephanlivera fiat "savings" accounts should be called inflation rebate accounts. Bitcoin is the true savings account

@stephanlivera I think we're going to be well over 30% in 2021.

The conscensus between Keiser, Pysche, et al, seemed to be 15-20% early last year.

Sure looks like it's going to be a wild ride.


Hard to see both being true for one account. Agree with the principle not the math.

The 10% inflation is referring to inflation of assets (largely being used as an SOV) which also effects Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has an inelastic supply & is undergoing adoption. It’s exponential growth won’t be forever but it’s possible it will be like that for decades.

I agree both are hard to measure & quantify in a way that are widely accepted. Is the difference sufficient to effect your decision making though?

@stephanlivera how many years until holding bitcoin only doubles your purchasing power?

@Coinward well post hyperbitcoinisation it won't be doubling every year. but who knows when that is!

@stephanlivera How many years until hyperbitcoinisation is a more interesting prediction than anything price related

@stephanlivera What happens when you hold Bitcoin in a bank account?

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